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Milton Teagle Simmons was born on 12th July 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. As Richard Simmons he is a physical fitness expert and voice actor well known for his fitness series “Sweatin to the Oldies” and his extravagant personality. Lately, he has been active in politics supporting the act “No Child Left Behind” which promotes physical education in public schools. He has been active as a public person since 1969.

The main sources of Richard Simmons net worth are considered to be fitness training, its products and television. Over his long spanned career, Richard has accumulated the net worth of $15 million.


Richard Simmons Net Worth $15 Million


To begin with, Richard Simmons was born into a family of show business people, and grew up in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The boy was overweight from his childhood, and it grw progressively worse as when graduating from high school he had reached the weight of 122kg. He initially studied at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, then transferred to Florida State University. He participated in an exchange student program and studied in Florence, Italy for some time. After graduation with a BA degree in Art, he settled down in New York and did various jobs including waiter. Later, he worked for cosmetics companies Coty and Revlon. His debut in the entertainment industry was in the role of an obese man in the Italian fantasy drama film “Fellini Satyricon” (1969). By the 1970’s he had moved to Los Angeles, where he began his career as a fitness instructor. Richard himself lost 56kg and decided to help other people to do the same, though the issue he understood clearly was unhealthy eating problems. He knew that people needed not only to exercise but also to learn to eat healthily and properly. So, he opened the gym studio alongside a salad bar restaurant to teach both.

Over his career Simmons has released a number of books, like “Reach for Fitness: A Special Book of Exercises for the Physically Challenged” (1986), “Still Hungry After All These Years: My Story Gt Pub Corp” (1999) and many others, many analogue compact cassettes and compact discs such as “Take a Classical Walk”, “Wicked Workout” as well as visual media in the form of video cassettes, which later changed to the DVDs “Richard Simmons and the Silver Foxes”, “SuperTonin’: Totally Tonin’ with Toning Rings” and others. It is worth mentioning that all Richard Simmons work related to fitness somehow increased the total size of his net worth.

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As a very energetic and charismatic personality, Richard Simmons is loved by audiences and is often invited to take part in various mass/media productions. He was a frequent guest in such shows as “Rosie O’Donnell Show”, “The Howard Stern Show”, “Late Night with David Letterman” etc.The episode “Remote Control Man” (1986) in the television series “Amazing Stories” by Steven Spielberg was created about the life of Simmons. More, he landed roles in various commercials. All Richard Simmons’ appearances on media added financially to his net worth, too.

The two things Richard Simmons never talks about are personal life and death. So, there is no information about his private life, though rumours have spread that he is gay.

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