Olivia Nuzzi Wiki Bio, Husband, Net Worth 2021, Salary, Dating, Ryan Lizza Married, Height

Olivia Nuzzi Wiki Bio, Husband, Net Worth 2021, Salary, Dating, Ryan Lizza Married, Height

Olivia Nuzzi is a political journalist currently working for New York magazine. She is the Washington correspondent reporting on the Donald Trump administration. Nuzzi decided what she wanted to do rather early in her life. In 2011, while she was still a teenager, she started her writing career as a  monthly political columnist for a weekly magazine based in New Jersey.

During this time, she was also an intern in several political campaigns in the city. Her short blog post on the Not Safe For Work Corporation (NSFWcorp) website and subsequent New York Daily News article was about her experience as a brief internship with the disgraced politician Anthony Weiner’s New York mayoral campaign.

The blog post strengthened her career as she came out at a time when Weiner was already marred by many other controversies. She was fired from NSFWcorp in November 2013 and therefore she started working for The Daily Beast during the 2016 presidential election before joining New York magazine in February 2017. Throughout her career, she also contributed to Politico Magazine, GQ, Esquire, and The Washington Post.

Olivia Nuzzi Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Education

Olivia Nuzzi was born on January 6, 1993, in New York City, and her mother is Kelly and her father is John Nuzzi. Her father was originally from Italy and had worked for the New York city’s sanitation department for 20 years. He passed away in 2015.

She grew up in the River Plaza community in Middletown, New Jersey, along with her brother Jonathan. Her mother still lives in New Jersey while she lives in Washington D.C.

Nuzzi attended Middletown High School South in her hometown before enrolling at Fordham University in New York. However, she dropped out of school before graduating to accept a job offer from The Daily Beast.

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Olivia Nuzzi Career Bio

It was at the age of 18, Olivia Nuzzi started her writing career for triCityNews, the alternative weekly published by Asbury Park, in Monmouth County, New Jersey. She has also contributed regularly to the conservative blog and news website More Monmouth Musings. She did a four-week internship for Anthony Weiner’s ill-fated mayoral campaign in 2013.

Nuzzi then started working for NSFWcorp in July of that year and in a blog posted on the website, she talked about her experience. She revealed that Weiner called her and all 20 other interns Monica because Weiner couldn’t remember their names.

She went on to write several more articles about the campaign for the website. Later, the New York Daily News hired her to write a follow-up for them on the same issue. Her article was published on July 30.

In May 2014, she was hired by The Daily Beast for which she covered the presidential campaigns of promising Republicans Rand Paul and Chris Christie. She regularly writes pieces on Donald Trump’s rapid rise as a political leader. Nuzzi eventually established her name as a respected political analyst and journalist.

In November 2016, she was distinguished among the 16 breakout media stars of the presidential election by Politico, and a month later, she was included in Mediaite’s list of the 25 most influential people of 2016 in the media.

Olivia Nuzzi’s Recent Affiliation

Since February 2017, she has been employed at New York magazine as the first-ever correspondent in Washington and reports on the Trump administration and Congress for the print magazine and her Daily Intel blog. In 2018, she became the first winner of the VNY Media Award Liberty Meets Beauty in the prestigious headquarters of the Italian Trade Commission in New York.

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She is now writing a book for New York Magazine which will be based on the story of the Trump campaign. She has collected detailed information through her interviews with more than 30 sources from the 2020 & 2016 campaigns, Republicans in politics and government at all levels, and people serving at the highest ranks in the Trump administration.

Olivia Nuzzi Boyfriend / Dating / Husband / Married

Olivia is currently in a relationship with her long time boyfriend Ryan Lizza. Nuzzi’s boyfriend Ryan was married before to a doctor Christina Gillespie and together they had two beautiful children. Not much is know of Ryan and his previous married life but he and his wife got a divorce in 2015.

Ryan like his girlfriend is also a political correspondent for Politico and CNN as the Chief Washington Correspondent and a Senior Political Analyst respectively. Their Instagram posts hints they are in a relationship since 2017.

But despite dating one another for 3 years now, Olivia and her boyfriend haven’t yet discussed getting married. Or, at least if they have, they haven’t shared it with the public.

In the midst of all this Olivia’s boyfriend, Ryan was reportedly fired from the New Yorker after a sexual misconduct investigation.

Olivia Nuzzi Net Worth, Salary, Income & Earnings 2021

At a young age, New York City native Olivia Nuzzi made a name for herself in the media industry. On average, Olivia earns an average salary of around $50,612 – $136,618 in New York Magazine as White Ouse Corespondent.

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Considering that Olivia is just 27 years of age, she has done pretty well in her career and earned herself an impressive fortune. Currently, Olivia Nuzzi’s net worth is estimated at $600,000 for 2021.

But since Olivia has paved a successful career path, she is bound to enhance her net worth figure in the years to come.

Olivia Nuzzi Social Media

Olivia is active on Twitter with the account @Olivianuzzi since February 2009, she has gained to date 316.5k followers. She has introduced herself as Washington Correspondent and New York Magazine.

She has informed her followers about the book she is writing for Simon & Schuster’s Avid Reader. The book is all about the Trump administration, what she has learned from all her interviews.

Olivia has her Instagram account as olivianuzzix with 1,124 posts and 20.1k followers. She has given a glimpse of her earlier life during her childhood through her old pictures with her family.

Olivia has a Facebook account as Olivia Nuzzi with 7,537 Followers. She is active on her Facebook account and posts her stories and shows on her account.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Olivia Nuzzi

Full Name/Real Name Olivia Nuzzi
Date of Birth/Birthday January 6, 1993
Age 27
Birth Sign Capricorn
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown New York City
Ethnicity White
Parents Kelly and John Nuzzi
Siblings 1 brother Jonathan Nuzzi
Profession Journalist
Education(college/university) Fordham University
Marital status Unmarried / In a relationship
Boyfriend Ryan Lizza
Children N/A
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth 600,000 dollars
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown


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