Natasha Alford Bio Wiki, Husband, Married, Age, Net Worth 2021, Parents, CNN Salary, Birthday

Natasha Alford Bio Wiki, Husband, Married, Age, Net Worth 2021, Parents, CNN Salary, Birthday

Natasha S. Alford most precisely described as the Leading Lady in Media is known for her work, sacrifice, and dedication. She is today, acting as Vice president of theGiro, leading a national team for reporting the most critical news and issues that have been affecting the lives of African American people.

Starting her career as a teacher to 6, 7, 8, and 9th grader, today Natasha has become an award-winning journalist who has been selected for Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Media in 2020. In 2017, Natasha was awarded the Harvard Rising Leader Women’s Leadership Award for her work at theGrio.

She has also produced the Pulitzer Center-sponsored documentary Afro-Latinx Revolution: Puerto Rico and is currently engaged in producing another documentary about Black Panthers’ Angola Three for Entertainment Studios.

Natasha Alford Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Ms. Alford was born in 1986 at Soweto, Gauteng, Syracuse, NY to an African American father and Puerto Rican mother. Natasha celebrates her birthday on the 8th of June and is 34 years old now.

She began showcasing her talent for writing, public speaking, and poetry at an early age. And just when she was 9 years old, Natasha won her first oratory competition.

Natasha’s parents always encouraged her to excel in her talents so she can make name for her heritage and roots. Alford’s parents used to take her to a church where she found deep support when the youths in her neighborhood were suffering from drug abuse and violence.

In the picture Natasha Alford with her father.

It is evident that Natasha shares a close bond with her parents. Her father, whom she calls papa Alford is fighting cancer.

Natasha Alford Education

Natasha attended Nottingham High School in Syracuse, her hometown where she was a two-time state oratorical champion. After high school education, she went to Harvard University in 2004 to earn her Bachelors’s degree in Social studies.

While in college, she was part of the Association of Black Harvard Women, Harvard College Women’s Center, The Isis Club, Center for Public Interest Careers.

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After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, Natasha then joined Northwestern University in 2013 and earned her Master of Science (M.S.J) in Journalism in 2014.

Natasha Alford Career Biography

After Natasha earned her Bachelor’s degree, she decided to take a break from college and started her career as Management Associate for Bridgewater Associates; where she worked for 1 year till 2009. She then went on to work as a Leadership Fellow for The Equity Project Charter School till 2010.

Her passion for teaching the underprivileged children took her to Teach for America where Natasha served as D.C. Region Corps Member till 2012. In the same year, she also became a part of LearnZillion and StudentsFirst.

After earning her degree in journalism, Natasha started her career as a reporter for WROC-TV. She later worked as an Adjunct Faculty Member for Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. Alford then went on to join theGrio where she has been serving as Vice President of Digital Content & Senior Correspondent.

She has also been a producer for the Pulitzer Center-sponsored documentary Afro-Latinx Revolution: Puerto Rico. Moreover, Natasha is currently engaged in producing another documentary about Black Panthers’ Angola Three for Entertainment Studios.

Natasha Alford Diagnosed With Lupus

In 2019, Natasha revealed that she has been long time fighting with an autoimmune disease named Lupus. She was just 30 when she was diagnosed with the disease and was recommended to take pills before breakfast. But at the time, she was an emerging talent in journalism, Natasha couldn’t leave behind all that she had dreamed of. At 32, when Natasha was listed as one of the emerging talent n the field of Journalism, she was in an emergency getting treatment for her Lupus.

When her condition worsened, she realized she can’t run away or decline that she is suffering from such a health issue. She decided to face the fact, accepted the reality, equipped herself with more knowledge about the disease. Natasha started to take her medication on time, attending physical therapy for her joints. And now, she is open about her problem to the world through her Instagram account.

A commendable thing Natasha did is she accepted the fact, never backed down, kept on fighting and defeating the disease and circumstances, and today she has emerged as a winner.

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Natasha Alford Husband, Is Natasha Married?

It has been often rumored that Natasha Alford is a married woman. But, no Natasha Alford isn’t married yet. However, Natasha did reveal that she was in a bad relationship at one point of time in her life. Fortunately, Alford managed to get out of the relationship when she decided to shift from her comfy apartment to a closet-sized apartment in Harlem.

An experience of a bad relationship has not discouraged Natasha to give up on love completely. When she was diagnosed with Lupus, Natasha Alfor was dating another guy and he was the one who took her to an emergency while dancing to Puerto Rican rhythm.

As for now, it seems Natasha has taken a break from dating, as there are no traces of her boyfriend on her Instagram posts or other social media platform. But, despite not being married to a possible husband, Natasha is a mom. Yes, Natasha is a mom to her cute little puppy, Panther.

Natasha Alford Net Worth, Salary, Earnings 2021

Natasha has been a reporter and journalist all her life. At a very young age, she got to work for an investment outfit in Connecticut. She was earning a fine salary and was living in a nice apartment. But, Natasha gave that all up to accept a one-year leadership fellowship with the Equity Project, an experimental public school in Washington Heights in New York City.

So, Natasha has never given a lot of importance to a high paid job or high income and salary. She has placed her morals, heritage, and education in the first place.

When she was working as a reporter, Natasha earned a salary of more than $44 thousand. Today she is the Vice President of theGrio. She is the producer of the award-winning documentary. Her sacrifice and her dedication have earned her a comfortable living today with which she can help more underprivileged children and support the African American community.

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Currently, Natasha Alford’s net worth is valued at $300,000. But with a long thriving career ahead of her, Natasha will surely enhance her net worth figures.

Natasha Alford Height

Natasha is a very beautiful lady with a gorgeous smile, slim figure, long legs, and tall height. She probably stands at a height of 5ft 8 inches or even more. If she hasn’t decided to be the reporter, she could easily become a successful model with her amazing height and figure.

Natasha Alford Social Media

Natasha used to be very active on her Facebook account Natasha S. Alford till 2019. hover, it seems she has not posted any new stories or posts in recent times. Still, her FB account has been liked by 4,932 people and followed by 5,197 people.

Unlike her FB account, Natasha is the regular visitor on her Twitter account, Natasha S. Alford with 11.9k followers since its creation in August 2012. An activist for the welfare of African Americans, Natasha has compared the Capitol Hill riot to the chaos that Black People have suffered all their lives.

Natasha however has used her Instagram account to share with her followers her real life, her family life, and her real personality to her 26.1k followers through 994 posts.

Quick Wiki Facts and information on Natasha Alford

Full Name/Real Name Natasha S. Alford
Birthday / Date of Birth 8th of June in 1986
Age 34
Birth Sign Gemini
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Soweto, Gauteng, Syracuse, NY
Ethnicity African American
Parents African American Father and Puerto Rican Mother
Siblings N/A
Profession Journalist
Education(college/university) Northwestern University
Marital status Unmarried
Husband / Boyfriend Not Available
Children None
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth $300,000
Salary $44,000
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Height 5 ft 8 inches


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