Hazen Audel Net Worth 2021, Wife, Salary, Age, Height, Birthday, Weight, Wiki, Biography

Hazen Audel Net Worth 2021, Wife, Salary, Age, Height, Birthday, Weight, Wiki, Biography

Hazen Audel, a biologist, teacher, artist, and survival guide, is famous as the adventurist of the Primal Survivor. He has spent the last 20 years of his life living and learning from some of the world’s most fascinating indigenous tribes, in some of the remotest landmarks of the world.

But despite these exotic experiences, simplicity remains at the core of Audel’s attitude to travel: With just a toothbrush, passport, and a smile, you can have an epic adventure anywhere.

Quick Facts and Information on Hazen Audel

Full Name Hazen Audel
Date of Birth January 25, 1974
Place of Birth Spokane, Washington, USA
Birth Sign Aquarius
Age 46 years
Heritage Kootenai and Salish tribes
Nationality American
Profession TV presenter, artist, natural history guide, and artisan
Fame from National Geographic channel’s television series Survive the Tribe in 2014

Primal Survivor show in 2016

Education Whitworth University
Wife N/A
Marital Status Unmarried
Current employment National Geographic Channel
Net worth $1.5 Million
Salary per season Approx. 75000$
Height 6 ft 1 in

Hazen Audel: Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings,

46 years of age, Primal survivor host and adventurist, Hazen Audel, was born on 25th January 1974 in Spokane, Washington, USA. Being a survival expert just like Bear Grylls, he is very shy and doesn’t want to talk much about his personal life. However, it is known that he belongs to Kootenai and Salish Native American parents.

In many of his interviews, he has regarded his mother to be a role model and he has significantly shown that he loves his parents a lot. Hazen often shares the picture of his mother and father on his Instagram, expressing his love for his parents.

From his early childhood, he was always fascinated with animals, bugs, and insects and therefore, always dreamed to grow up as the mix of Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, David Attenborough, and Tarzan. He also craves education and therefore is the first in his family to pursue higher education at University.

Hazen Audel Education

His love of nature prompted him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Hawaii. After university, he researched Indian traditional hunting practices, ethnobotany, tropical ecology, and cultural use of natural resources.

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Hazen also holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Whitworth University. When he entered college to study biology, he dropped out to seek adventure in the Amazon. He was just 19 years old at the time with the limited option of money in his pocket.

Hazen Audel: Career

For over 15 years he has been a leader in survival experiences. He is also a teacher with eleven years of experience teaching biology and art in high school. Since 1993, he has been running nature tours in South America. It was thanks to them and the strong influence of the local indigenous people that he developed his interests in survival in the wild.

In 1998, Hazen traveled to The Malocus and Irian Jaya, Indonesia, in search of further risky and difficult adventures in one of the most remote places in the world. Here he conducted independent biological and ethnobotanical research, which inadvertently turned out to be an additional element influencing his further fate. It was then that he met the disinterested goodness of the natives who, despite language barriers, they shared food, accommodation, and cordiality with him.

From then on, his exploration of the wilderness was more focused on the aspect of the tribes inhabiting these inaccessible areas. In 2014, Hazen gained more fame with the program Survive the Tribe, for National Geographic.

During the survival show, Hazen joined tribes in the rainforests of Ecuador, the Kalahari Desert in Namibia, a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, to learn first-hand survival skills in extremely unfavorable conditions.

In 2016, he appeared in the continuation of the earlier series with the new title “Primal Survivor. The latest series of Ultimate Survival WWII from 2019 presents Hazen’s struggle with the most difficult terrain conditions that soldiers had to fight during World War II. This way Hazen Audel wants to reconstruct the hardships of those fighting in that armed conflict and pay tribute to them.

Hazen Audel Wife, Marriage, Girlfriend,

No wonder, Hazen Audel is the type of guy, who girls would go crazy for. But, is there any lady in particular who has made Hazen go crazy for her? Well, it doesn’t seem like so. Yes, Hazen Audel isn’t married yet and doesn’t have a life partner. It seems as though Hazen’s love currently is just nature.

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Also, It might be hard to believe that such a handsome guy is still single; but it is the truth. Hazen Audel had dated many women in the past and his last relationship lasted for six years. However, the relationship ended tragically. As of now, Hazen is still in search of the perfect girl, who could be his companion.

The qualities that Hazen looks for in his to-be-girlfriend / wife is that she should love to camp, love getting dirty, and love to live in nature and be wild. Audel has revealed in many interviews of his that he has never been engaged to anyone.

Hazen Audel: First Remote Travel

When Hazen graduated from high school he had the opportunity to go to Ecuador. But, since he didn’t come from a family of travelers; Hazen naively thought that he could find a place by a river and live in his tent for about a month until he runs out of money. He attracted a lot of attention from the locals, every time he went fishing.

Further, Audel would see these little kids hiding behind the bushes like spying on him. After a while, the locals invited him to their homes. It didn’t take him long to feel really safe and really fascinated by this other way of life. He ended up spending about three years of his life therein and out.

Hazen Audel: Height and weight

Though the exact measurement of his weight is not available; Hazeb Audel stands tall at the height of 6 feet, one inch.

Audel definitely has the body to die for. Many women go crazy over him and he maintains his fit and perfect body with regular exercise, outing, and hiking.

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Hazen Audel Net worth and Salary

From the beginning, Audel has been engaged in the teaching profession however, his main focus was to be the adventurist and survivalist and to teach the modern world about the importance of wilderness and nature.

Therefore he got the opportunity that he was actually seeking via the National Geographic channel. The shows like primal survival and other prior shows have definitely helped him to achieve the goals he wanted. Apart from that, he is also able to earn a comfortable living for himself.

In the year 2017, Hazen’s net worth was estimated to be 600,000. And now, as of early 2021, Hazen Audel’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 Million. With the hike in his popularity, Hazen’s net is increasing too.

According to the sources, Hazen Audel is paid $75,000 per episode from the channel. Besides, he also runs his own YouTube Channel so probably that also adds to his source of income.

Hazen Audel: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Hazen Audel is definitely active on various social media platforms so that he can reach as many people as he can; to teach them the importance of nature. He also wanted to connect the modern world with the native tribes and teach them various survival techniques.

  • Twitter: Joined in July 214, Audel has 3162 followers in his Twitter account where he keeps his followers informing about his attitude, hopes, his perspective of seeing the world.
  • Instagram: With 44.1k followers, Hazen Audel is busy on Instagram handle sharing his pictures, photos of his animal pets, and giving a glimpse of his personal life.
  • Facebook: With his Facebook account, Audel keeps on giving us a glimpse of his upcoming adventure and making his fans more and more curious about his shows.

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