Jon Venverloh Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Salary, Tweets, Parents, Education, Kids

Jon Venverloh Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Salary, Tweets, Parents, Education, Kids

Jon Venverloh is a former Google executive and former president of the San Francisco Bay Area school district. Jon came to instant limelight when he had to resign from the post of the president because of the racial and vulgar comments made by his wife against now Vice President Kamala Harris. He is often known as the former Google veteran who was involved in Product management and business organization.

Quick Wiki facts and information on Jon Venverloh

Full name Jonathan Martin Venverloh
Date of Birth 3rd October 1972
Age 48
Zodiac Libra
Born Country U.S
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Profession The former executive of Google

Former president of San Francisco Bay Area School District

Education Stanford University Graduate School Of Business, Southern Methodist University
Qualification Masters in Science and Management
Marital status Married
Spouse name Mehridith Philips Venverloh
Children 4 daughters
Net Worth $4 Million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

Jon Venverloh Bio: Age, Birthday, Parents

Born to his parents in the year 1972, Jon Venverloh is 48 years old now. Jon celebrated his 48th birthday this year on 3rd October which makes him a Libra. Approaching his 50’s, Jon was a very reputable man working in big companies; until the mishap created by his wife.

Many people came to know Jon, unfortunately in a bad light for the deeds of his wife. So after Jon’s name made a stroll on the internet he has become a figure whose personal life details are intriguing to the public. However, not much is known about Jon, his parents, and his personal life.

All we know is that Jon used to be a knowledge and education craving child from the very beginning. This indicates that his parents must have raised Jon the right, and helped him shape his future. Here’s a glimpse of Jon Venverloh’s mother, from Jon’s Instagram

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In the image, Jon Venverloh’s mother


The business and management expert Jon Venverloh in 1990 joined the Southern Methodist University to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising. After completing his graduation in 1994, he then joined Stanford University Graduate School Of Business in 2010 to earn his Masters’s degree in Management and Business.

The choices that he made for his education already shows that he knew what he wants to be and what he wants to pursue in the future as his career.

Jon Venverloh’s Career

As soon as Jon graduated in 1994, without wasting any time he started his career. Let’s take a look at the long journey of his career which finally took him to Google.

  1. From 1994 to 1995

For one year he worked as an Account Coordinator at DDB Needham.

  1. From 1995 to 1996

Jon then went on to work as an Account Executive at Saatchi and Saatchi where he managed the media planning for the organization.

  1. From 1996 to 1999

After his one year of adventure in Saatchi and Saatchi, he went on to work with The Weather Channel at first as an Account Executive. When he was operating as an account executive, he got success in selling 2 million dollars in TV ad inventory to clients like Toyota and Charles Schwab. Thus becoming the youngest account executive in the history of the company.

His achievement has led him to be promoted as Head of West Coast Sales where he opened a new sales office in San Francisco. He then was able to sell online ads to Microsoft, Travelocity, Saturn, Charles Schwab, and many others.

  1. From 1999 to 2000

After the success in his previous job, he moved on to work as Director of Business Development at Virtualis were with a team of 6 salespeople, he worked to promote the products, sell ads and manage sales of the company.

  1. From 2000 to 2010

This was the year when he finally got the opportunity that he was looking for his career growth as he got the chance to be a part of Google. At first, he first was hired as Senior Manager for the market development of Google.

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There Jon worked as Senior Manager for Enterprise Division of Google where he grew sales from $0 to $5 million in only 1 year. Later from 2002 to 2005, he headed on to become the Head of Federal Sales; where he developed products for Federal Government civilian and DoD agencies.

Jon also developed a version of the Google Search Appliance for use on secure DoD networks. Further, from 2005 to 2010, Jon was promoted to the role of Head of Distribution Partnerships. In this role, he developed products and business models to profitably distribute Google software

  1. From 2012 to 2019

He took one year of an educational break to complete his Master’s degree in Science and Management after which he again returned to Google to give continuity to his career at Google. This time he worked with Google for 7 years and ten months from 2012 to 2019.

  1. 2020

He was the elected board member at Las Lomitas Elementary School District (LLESD) Governing Board from November 2018. however, he had to resign from his post on November 8, 2020, because of the racial remarks made by his wife against Kamala Harris.

Jon Venverloh-Marriage, children

Jon Venveroh is married to his wife Mehridith Philips Venverloh who is often in limelight because of her controversial and vulgar tweets on her Twitter handle. This time she crossed her line when she tweeted about Kamala Harris saying All she needs to be qualified is a black (vulgar word)! No brain is needed.

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However, later because of the controversy and complications, she deleted her account and her tweets. She even apologized blaming her medical condition saying she was suffering from a certain neurological condition and that she is on heavy medication. Jon Venverloh and his wife, from their marriage, have four daughters; who live together in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the picture, Jon Venverloh with wife and kids.

Jon Venverloh- Net worth and Salary

Right after graduation, Jon Venverloh immersed himself in developing his career. With his detailed career graph as explained above, it can be simply said that he has earned a lot through his profession.

The family also has Venverloh Family Trust where Jon and his wife equally take part. His years of working at Google have also helped him to increase his bank account figures. Seeing his pictures, posts, it can without a doubt be said that he is a millionaire who lives a lavish and luxurious life.

So, combining all his income from his different Jobs, Jon Venverloh’s net worth is estimated to be $4 Million as of late 2020.

Jon Venverloh- Social Media

Jon Venverloh is a business person who has always promoted online sales, so it is obvious that he is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

  • Twitter– Jon joined Twitter in April 2011, since then he has only 294 followers. Well, he is not that popular. He posts about Google, promotes various products such as Android phones or cars in his account handle.
  • Instagram-As for Instagram, he has 221 followers in which he basically posts pictures of his holidays.

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