Emma Barnett Husband, Salary, Net Worth 2020, Father, Baby, Parents, Wiki, Bio

Emma Barnett Husband, Salary, Net Worth 2020, Father, Baby, Parents, Wiki, Bio

Emma Barnett, born February 5, 1985, is a British broadcaster and journalist. A former Digital Media and Women’s’ Editor for The Daily Telegraph, Barnett is a weekday broadcaster for BBC Radio 5 Live and an occasional presenter of Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4.

From August 2016, Barnett has been a columnist for The Sunday Times and has co-presented Sunday Morning Live on BBC One with Sean Fletcher. In 2017, Emma Barnett was controversially invited to guest-present two editions of BBC Newsnight.

Quick Facts and Information on Emma Barnett

Full Name / Real Name Emma Barnett
Birthday / Date of Birth February 5, 1985
Age 35
Birth Sign Aquarius 
Born Country United Kingdom
Nationality British
Hometown Manchester, United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Profession Journalist
Education (High School / College / University) University of Nottingham 
Marital Status Married
Wife / Husband (Undisclosed)
Children (Son, Daughter) One Son
Social Media Twitter / Instagram
Net Worth & Salary ~$1 million
Height 5 ft 6 in

Emma Barnett Parents / Education / Early Life

Emma Barnett, age 35, was born to Ian Barnett and Michelle Barnett in Manchester, United Kingdom. Emma’s father was a business owner in the Greater Manchester area, while her mother was a stay-at-home wife and mom. Moreover, Emma also comes from an Orthodox Jewish background. Emma describes herself as “a jew in disguise” as she is quite ambivalent about both Orthodox and Reform Judaism. 

As for her education, Emma did her high school in the Manchester High School for Girls, an independent school. In 2006, Emma graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in History and Politics. She furthered chased a Post-Graduate course in Journalism at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media, and Culture. 

Complications In Emma Barnett’s Family Life

On the more interesting part of her childhood, Emma’s childhood was quite sad. While she doesn’t talk about it much, her father owned a massage parlor, which was reportedly a prostitution center. Emma herself says, 

“It’s fair to say that I’m still traumatized by what happened and have become an old soul before my time.”

Of course, Emma’s parents did not let their problems spoil her childhood. But sooner or later, Emma was bound to find out. While Emma was 14, her father became involved in the massage parlors in Manchester. At the time, she didn’t know anything about it.

But they were a part of the sex industry. Emma was blissfully unaware of any of these things and was preparing to go to University. Thankfully, she didn’t learn about any of it till she was in University living by herself. But that’s just the one bright side of it all. Emma still grew up scarred from this unfortunate chain of events. 

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Emma Barnett’s Career And Entry To Women’s Hour

After her educational ventures ended, Emma immediately chased a career in journalism. She joined Media week in 2007, then The Daily Telegraph in 2009, later becoming the paper’s first digital media editor. Barnett also launched The Telegraph’s digital section titled ‘Wonder Women’ in October 2012. She officially stated that this section was dedicated to women, saying 

“I don’t remember ever not being a feminist”

Only 2 years later, Barnett would get the highlight of her career by getting an opportunity to join the BBC Radio 5 Live channel. Emma presented the station’s Hit List program, a countdown of the 40 highest profile online news stories of the week. 

Emma continued her path down journalism till eventually becoming a regular presenter on BBC Two’s Newsnight. She also released a book in 2019 titled ‘Period’, which covered her experience of endometriosis. 

Her feminist personality landed her another show in 2020, becoming a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour in 2020. When she got her shot to be presenting Women’s Hour, Emma couldn’t have been more gifted. Emma expressed her gratitude saying, 

“What adventures we are going to have together – all starting in the year that this BBC institution, the radio mothership, turns 75. I have a long love of Woman’s Hour and live radio and know that this is a very special and rare opportunity.”

Emma Barnett’s Book

By the time you reach this section, you know Emma is an advocate for women’s rights. And this is what her book, Period, is all about. The book refers specifically to periods, the one topic that society still considers taboo-ish. However, Emma’s book is not targeted towards only women. Her goal is to ignite a conversation about the topic among both women and men everywhere. 

After all, it is something that every female goes through – what’s the point in treating it as if it’s some forbidden sin that no one should talk about or feel uncomfortable about? 

Emma Barnett Husband / Married Life / Children

Emma Barnett is married to her high school sweetheart, whose name she refuses to disclose. While Emma has not disclosed any information about her husband, what we do know is that the couple lives together in London, where she has always lived after she started her career. 

Barnett got married to her husband on 21st October 2012 and they are now happily married for almost 8 years. Meanwhile, although Emma has shied away from revealing her husband’s name she does share tweets related to her husband, often.

Emma also took some time to share her experiences with infertility. While struggling to become pregnant, Emma was experiencing a very tough time, mostly due to the pain from her endometriosis. However, eventually, Emma went to a fertility doctor, who helped her inject IVF and become pregnant, putting an end to her endometriosis as well. 

“I was treated like an absolute queen by those doctors, and I can’t imagine our lives without our son.”

Emma Barnett now has a son who is a year old. However, she refuses to disclose the name of her baby. 

Emma Barnett’s Net Worth

Typically, a journalist earns about $40,000 annually. However, Emma has spent many years being a top-tier journalist, a radio show host, and of course, an author. It can be assumed that Emma Barnett easily has a salary of over $150,000 on a yearly basis on average

And considering all her contribution to her profession thus far, Emma Barnett’s estimated net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. 

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