Michael 90 Day Fiance Wiki: Job, Net Worth, Birthday, Height, Real Name, Instagram

Michael 90 Day Fiance Wiki: Job, Net Worth, Birthday, Height, Real Name, Instagram

Michael Ilesanmi is a Nigerian-born reality TV star, best known for his appearance on 90 Day Fiance. 90 Day Fiance is a reality TV show which airs on TLC. Michael appeared on the second, third, and seventh seasons of the show. 

Quick Facts and Information on Michael Ilesanmi

Full Name / Real Name Michael Ilesanmi 
Birthday / Date of Birth 28 February 1988
Age 32
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Country Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Hometown Lagos, Nigeria
Ethnicity Black
Profession Reality TV Star
Education (High School / College / University) Yabatech College of Technology 
Marital Status Married
Wife / Husband Angela Deem
Children (Son, Daughter) None
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth & Salary $300,000
Height 5’9”

Michael Ilesanmi Age, Birthday, Parents

Michael Ilesanmi, age 32, was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His parents are both Nigerian. However, there is no further information available on Michael’s father nor mother. As for his education, Michael has studied a Bus Admin course at Yabatech College of Technology from 2013 to 2015. Before this, Michael studied at Mar-Yola College. Sadly, more details about Michael’s personal life are not public. 

Michael Ilesanmi’s Career

Michael appeared on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance in 2018 where he was acquainted with Angela Deem on the show. They appeared in the second season of the show, 90 Day Fiance. Their reality acts attracted lots of attention as they were the unique couples to have a large age gap among others.

Before this, Michael Ilesanmi does not have any records of previous jobs. It can be assumed that he has worked as a Bus Admin at some point since he did spend 2 years studying it. 

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Michael Ilesanmi’s Relationship with Angela Deem

Michael Ilesanmi met Angela Deem over the phone and through social media. The two seemed to hit it off and their romance was featured on “90 Day Fiancee.” Angela soon traveled to Nigeria to meet him but while she was there, the two bickered constantly. While some took this as an indication that things weren’t going to work out, they continued to progress with their relationship.

At some point, the couple realized their age gap. As far as rumors go, Angela is about 20 years older than Michael. When Michael brought this up and referred to Angela as his “elder”, Angela broke up with him for a short period just for that comment. 

After endless drama and arguments, Angela suddenly came out to the public and shared that the couple was getting engaged. Michael planned to fly to the US to live and appear on season 3 of the TV show. Angela reported that Michael is learning to be a better man for her and has stopped giving her ‘back-talk’. 

Michael Ilesanmi And Angela Deem’s Solution To Fertility Issues

After their engagement, Angela wanted Michael to come to the US to get married. The couple was also planning on having a child. However, since Angela is in her 50s, it’s physically quite difficult for her to give birth. Following this reason, Angela asked her daughter, Skyla, to donate her egg. Skyla refused to do this and the couple had to find another way to have a child. 

Michael was determined to have a child, so he talked to his mother and came up with the idea of having a child with another woman. So far, the couple seems to be okay with this idea. Soon after this talk of having children, Michael and Angela focused on their marriage. Angela has not officially made any statements on what she thinks about Michael’s idea of having a child. However, having a child is the only condition Michael has if the couple wants to get married. 

Michael Ilesanmi And Angela Deem’s Marriage

According to Angela, Michael was supposed to come to the US on a K1 visa, where 90 Days would film their relationship’s progress and the couple would marry. However, since they weren’t legally in marriage at the time, Michael could not get a visa. Angela swiftly took care of this problem by flying to Nigeria instead; with the 90 Days Fiance crew. Thereafter, the couple got married just because Angela had no choice if she wanted her fiance to have the visa. 

As 2020 came on, Angela finally decided she would be okay with things and opted to get married in Nigeria. The couple got married as 90 Day Fiance was filming the entire thing. Some people claim that this marriage only happened to guarantee a visa for Michael. While it is not entirely false, it can’t be the sole reason of course. 

Before Angela, Michael has never been in a relationship or has had no wife. There is another Michael in 90 Day Fiance who did have an ex-wife, so be sure to not confuse Ilesanmi with him. As far as the future goes, no one can tell what will happen to this now-married couple. Will Angela come out enraged about Michael wanting a kid with another woman? Will their arguments settle down and will they manage to live a happy life? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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