Dick Clark Net Worth

Dick Clark Net Worth

Richard Augustus Wagstaff Clark Jr., simply known as Dick Clark, was a famous American game show host, businessman, radio, as well as television personality, film producer, and an actor. Dick Clark is perhaps mostly known as a host of a music-performance show called “American Bandstand” that aired from 1957 till 1989. The show that featured teenagers dancing to the music of such artists as Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Run DMC and others, was one of the first shows at the time to cross the line between white and black audiences and challenge racial segregation. Clark’s influence on the youth culture earned him a nickname of “America’s oldest teenager” and gained him a lot of public acceptance.


Dick Clark Net Worth $200 Million


How rich is Dick Clark then? According to sources, Dick Clark’s net worth is estimated to amount to $200 million. The majority of Dick Clark’s net worth and annual salary came from his career as a television personality, as well as his business ventures. Dick Clark was born in 1929, in Mount Vernon, New York, where he attended Davis High School. Clark’s career began with his first job at the AM radio station, where he quickly climbed up the ladder and soon enough achieved a position of announcer. Prior to his television debut, Clark had been working on several other radio stations, including WOLF-AM and WRUN. In 1956, Clark was offered a job as a permanent host of “Bob Horn’s Bandstand”, a show that was soon picked up by ABC and renamed to “American Bandstand”. The show debuted in 1957 and resulted in many spin-offs and other television series. “American Bandstand” brought together different genres of music and included guest appearances from The Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis among many others.

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A year later, Dick Clark had his own show called “The Dick Clark Show”. With a viewership of over 20 million, the show became an instant success, while Dick Clark himself earned the status of “America’s youngest starmaker”. With national success in his pocket, Dick Clark significantly expanded his career and ventured into hosting game shows. Clark has been a host of “The Object Is”, “Missing Links”, as well as a famous game show created by Bob Stewart “The $10,000 Pyramid”. Clark hosted the show from 1973 till 1988 and won three Emmy Awards for Best Game Show Host for “Pyramid”.

Another huge contribution to Dick Clark’s net worth came from his business ventures. Dick Clark was an owner of several restaurants and created a now famous “American Bandstand Diner” chain. In 2006 Clark opened a “Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre” and prior to that had founded an entertainment production company called “Dick Clark Productions”. Clark was also an owner of “Dick Clark Westchester Theatre”. A famous game show host and television personality with an estimated net worth of $200 million, Dick Clark passed away in 2012 due to a heart attack. Clark had suffered a heart attack in 2004 as well, resulting in him losing his speechS.

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