Simon Rex Net Worth

Simon Rex Net Worth

Simon Rex is a famous comedian, actor, television personality and producer. He is known for appearing in such movies and shows as “What I Like About You”, “Scary Movie 3”, ‘Summerland” and others. What is more, Simon has also released several studio albums as well as helping to produce some albums for other musicians. Although Simon has not appeared in many successful and popular movies, his face is still recognized as he is quite acclaimed as a comedian.

How rich do you think Simon Rex is? It has been estimated that Simon’s net worth is $3 million. Of course, one of the main sources of this sum of money is Rex’s roles in movies and television shows. Simon is now 40 years old and he might still receive invitations to be a part of different projects.

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Simon Rex Net Worth $3 Million


Simon Rex Cutright, or simply known as Simon Rex, was born in 1974 in California. His way onto the big screen was not very easy. Simon studied at Alameda High School and his career began in 1993 when he appeared in such adult films as “Young, Hard & Solo II”, “Hot Sessions III”, and “Young, Hard & Solo III”. From that time Simon Rex’s net worth started growing. After these roles in porn films, Simon started to work at MTV. This was a huge step in his career as an actor. Later, in 1999 Rex became a part of the show called” Jack & Jill”. There he met such actors as Ivan Sergei, Amanda Peet, Sarah Paulson, and Jaime Pressly. This added a lot to Simon Rex’s net worth. Later Simon also appeared in other shows, such as “Baywatch”, “Felicity”, “Everwood” and others.

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In 2002 Simon received a invitation to act in a popular show called “What I Like About You”, which became one of the main sources of Rex’s net worth. He also acted in such movies as “The Forsaken”, “The Karate Dog”, “Superhero Movie” and others.

As mentioned before, in addition to Simon’s acting career, he is also involved in the music industry. He even formed the group called “Dyslexic Speedreaders”. Other members of this group were Andre Legacy, Beardo and Mickey Avalon. In 2007 he released his own album, “Dirt Nasty”, and in 2011 another album, “Nasty As I Wanna Be”. These albums made Simon’s net worth grow. What is more, Rex is one of the owners of the club called “Plumm”, with other owners Samantha Ronson, Noel Ashman and Chris Noth.

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Finally, it could be said that Simon Rex is working hard in order to become more successful. There is a chance that Simon will receive more roles in the future. Recently he has been creating music and will probably release several more albums in the near future. Let’s hope that this will happen soon.

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