Chase Severino Wiki, Net Worth 2021, Baby Mama, Sara Jackson, Age, Girlfriend, Sister, Biography

Chase Severino Wiki, Net Worth 2021, Baby Mama, Sara Jackson, Age, Girlfriend, Sister, Biography

Chase Severino is a reality show star who is seen in the American show My Big Fat Fabulous Life starring Whitney Way Thore. Chase was living a simple life before suddenly coming into the limelight after he started dating the star, Whitney Way Thore.

He appeared in season 6 of the show where he is seen dating the reality star. Since then, the relationship of the two have several twists and turn, the life of Chase has been changed and he has newly become the father of a beautiful daughter named Aurora. Before coming into fame as a reality show TV star, Chase was working on finance and accounting.

Chase Severino Bio Age, Birthday, Parents, Sister

Chase was born on June 7, 1990, in Hurricane, West Virginia to the parents Dorian Severino (mother) and Harry Severino (father). he has a younger sister named Kylie Severino. the family later moved to Clayton, North Carolina where his father Harry worked as a sales consultant for a car dealership company.

Harry graduated from Marshall University in West Virginia. Chase in his family is also known by his nickname Casey Severino. He studied in North Carolina High school and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Finance and Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2013.

Chase Severino Career

Before appearing on the show, Chase served as Revenue Field Auditor in the North Carolina Department of Revenue from Feb 2014 – Sep 2016. He has also been working as a Finance and Administration Manager in Recovery Logistics Contract from 2013 to the present. Chase is also working as a part-time Bar manager in Amplify NC and Director of Accounting – Construction Division at Wendy Wilmot Properties.

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He has appeared in the 6th season of the show My Big Fat Fabulous Life when he was seen dating Whitney Way Thore. In the 7th season of the show, he is seen proposing to Whitney and both of them getting engaged. However, the latest update on the show has revealed Chase has betrayed his fiance and had an affair with another woman named Sara Jackson, and together they had a baby girl. It is yet to be seen, how Chase and Whitney will face each other and whether Chase will be seen further in the show.

Chase Severino Married / Whitney Thore 

On October 9, 2019, Chase knelt in front of the Eiffel Tower, where he proposed to Whitney, according to People magazine. At first, Whitney was shocked, which later changed to excitement. After two months, the two of them could no longer keep it a secret; Therefore, on December 3, 2019, Chase revealed to his followers that they were engaged.

During quarantine, the couple lived separately. Living apart proved to be disastrous for their relationship as it was revealed that during the COVID 19 lockdown, Chase had another affair with Sara Jackson and they were expecting a baby. The news shattered Whitney who broke the engagement and announced the news in her Instagram post.

Over the phone, Severino admitted to Thore that he loves his son’s mother and that they are in a relationship. Then, after not seeing each other in months, he asked Thore to meet in person to which she eventually agreed. In an exclusive clip shared with E! News, the former couple finally cross paths at a rest stop between Charlotte and Wilmington. And, unsurprisingly under the circumstances, he was tense.

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Chase Severino and Sara Jackson, His Baby Mama

After Chase Severino announced that he was expecting a child with his new girlfriend Sara Jackson, everyone was shocked, including Whitney. Fans and all the viewers started looking up for Chase’s baby mama, Sara, whose information on the internet is very minimal.

Sara Jackson and Severino became romantically involved while he was engaged to Thore. Meanwhile, the two women couldn’t be more different as far as type goes; Sara Jackson is blonde with a petite figure. Whereas, everyone knows of Whitney!

In the Picture, Chase Severino’s baby mama Sara Jackson

Chase’s baby mama, Sara Jackson has publicly divulged very little about herself. But it is known that Sara’s parents are Timothy Lee Jackson and Sheila Eastham Jackson of North Carolina, which is also where the new mother resides.

Also among all the social media platform’s Jackson is only active on Facebook and Twitter, which she has kept private.

Chase and Sara welcomed their baby girl, whom he named Aurora, in October 2020. Sara Jackson, the mother of the baby seems to be very private in her personal life, unlike Whitney.

Chase Severino Net worth, Income, and Earnings 2021

Chase is not only the reality star but he is also the Finance and Administration Manager in Recovery Logistics Contract, a part-time Bar manager in Amplify NC, and Director of Accounting – Construction Division at Wendy Wilmot Properties.

His reality show has also earned him an impressive fortune. Thus as of early 2021, Chase Severino is able to accumulate a net worth of $500,000.

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Chase definitely is one of the main attractions for the show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, as drama surrounds him. Therefore, with the increasing popularity, it is safe to say that Chase Severino’s net worth will soon be in the millions.

Chase Severino Social Media

Chase has an Instagram account as severinbro7 with 85.8k followers. In his account, he has posted a lot of pictures of his beautiful baby girl Aurora. In one of his posts, he also has shared a picture of his father playing a baseball game.

Chase has his FB account as Chase Severino where his last post can be seen on September 14 in which he can be seen hanging out with his friends in the swimming pool.

Chase also has a LinkedIn account as Chase Severino in which he has defined himself as Director of Accounting – Construction Division at Wendy Wilmot Properties. He has 446 connections in his account.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Chase Severino

Full Name/Real Name Chase Severino
Nickname Casey Severino
Birthday / Date of Birth June 7, 1990
Age 30
Birth Sign Gemini
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Hurricane, West Virginia
Ethnicity White
Parents Dorian Severino (mother) and Harry Severino (father)
Siblings younger sister named Kylie Severino
Profession Reality TV show star
Education(college/university) Bachelor Degree in Science in Finance and Accounting from the University of North Carolina
Marital status Was engaged and now dating
Ex-Fiance Whitney Way Thore
Current girlfriend / Baby Mama Sara Jackson
Children (Daughter, Son) 1 daughter Aurora
Social Media Instagram and LinkedIn
Net Worth $300,000
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown


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