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Sherman Alexander Hemsley, known simply as Sherman Hemsley, was born in 1938, in Pennsylvania. Sherman died in 2012. He was a famous actor, known for his roles in such shows as “All in the Family”, “Dinosaurs” and “Amen”. In addition to this, Sherman was also known as a singer. During his career, Sherman was nominated for and won such awards as Golden Globe Award, Image Award, Primetime Emmy Award and others. He was a really talented man and it is very sad that the world has lost this actor.

Sherman was considered to be one of the best actors in the industry. He achieved a lot during his acting career, which was also the main source of Sherman’s net worth. So how rich was Sherman Hemsley? It is estimated that Sherman’s net worth was $3 million. Sherman invested some of his money in real estate, and the other sum of his net worth probably went to his relatives.

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Sherman Hemsley Net Worth $3 Million


Sherman studied at Bok Technical High School when he decided to join the United States Air Force. After serving for four years, Sherman came back and began working at the post office and at the same time studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. After some time Hemsley became a part of “Vinnette Carroll’s Urban Arts Company”. He acted in such plays as “The Lottery”, “Moon on a Rainbow Shawl”, “But Never Jam Today”, “The Witch” and others. Step by step Sherman Hemsley’s net worth grew. In 1971 Sherman met Norman Lear, who suggested he act in the show called “All in the Family”. Soon another show, called “The Jeffersons” was created and became one of the most successful shows at that time. It also had a huge impact on the growth of Sherman Hemsley’s net worth. While making this show, Sherman worked together with Isabel Sanford, Marla Gibbs, Franklin Cover, Roxie Roker, Mike Evans and others. Other shows and movie that Sherman appeared in include “Sister, Sister”, “Goode Behavior”, “Senseless”, “Home of Angels”, “Screwed” and many others. All these appearances also made Sherman’s net worth grow.

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As mentioned before, Sherman was also known as a singer. In 1989 he released the song entitled “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”, and in 1992 his album called “Dance” was released. This also added to Hemsley’s net worth.

While talking about Sherman’s personal life, there is not much to say as Sherman wanted to keep his personal life private. Despite this fact, it can be said that Sherman never married and did not have any children. When he died, there were some problems with funeral arrangements. Because of this, Sherman’s body stayed unburied for a couple of months. Later a military funeral was planned. There is no doubt that many people will remember Sherman as one of the most talented actors in the industry and that contemporary actors will look up to him and will be influenced by his work.

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