Shay Mooney’s Net Worth is in Millions; Know His Professional and Personal Life

Shay Mooney is married to his lover Hannah Bellingsley and has a net worth of around $5 million.

Last Updated on August 8, 2019

Planning a perfect wedding is a difficult task, but spending money on it is quite as much burdensome. The singer Shay Mooney not only planned but also spent thousands of dollars on his perfect wedding.

Well, spending thousand of green bills on a wedding seems quite a thing of a man of wealth. Today, we’ll look into Shay Mooney’s net worth and such professional life details.

Who is Shay Mooney?

You must’ve heard of the country singing duo, Dan + Shay, right? Shay Mooney is one of the halves of the group alongside Dan Smyers.

It was December 7, 2012, when Dan and Shay met and collaborated on a new song. The song caught the attention of some big music companies and later on, they were signed by the Warner/Chappell Music, after which they shot to fame.

The Grammys winners have also won eight awards including the Academy of Country Music Awards. In addition to three albums, they also have nine singles and four promotional singles.

How Much is the Net Worth of Shay Mooney?

The singer Shay Mooney, who’s married to Hannah Billingsley, has amassed a huge net worth of $5 million as of 2019. His primary source of income stays as his singing career while he also earns some cash from his endorsement and ads.

As a country singer, Shay Mooney earns an average $35,000 per year which if broken down converts to $16.83 per hour. As we all know, Shay and Dan are a part of Warner Bros. Records. Such record houses pay as much as $63 thousand to their artists, hence, he also must earn in the same range.

Earnings From Endorsements and Ads

Shay Mooney and his bandmate also earn from their social media endorsements and ads. Shay earns $707 to $1178 per ads post on his social media profile. In contrast, his partner Dan has low ads earnings with only an income of $567 to $946 per post.

Earnings From Songs and Tours

Shay and his partner Dan also make money from tours and their songs. Their first album Where It All Began sold 157 thousand in the US alone. Similarly, their second album Obsessed sold 95,700 in the US. The third album released on June 22, 2018, also sold over 150 thousand alone.

YouTube: Dan and Shay’s song, 19 You + Me

The duo’s highest-selling singles is 19 You + Me, which sold over 720 thousand copies in the US. Comparatively, the lowest-selling singles is their latest song, All to Myself which sold only 101,000 in the US.

The singing partners had four headlining tours with eight supporting tours. At the moment, they are opting for the Dan + Shay Tour.

Shay Mooney’s Expenses on a Lavish Wedding

Shay Mooney and his lover Hannah Billingsley walked down the aisle on October 27, 2017, in a luxurious wedding venue in front of over 300 people. That’s a huge guest list!

Shay donned a classic tux bow tie combo while Hannah wore a Rita Vinieris gown. Similarly, they also had an open wedding band alongside his spouse’s solitaire engagement ring.

The duo had everything ready for their marriage, from wedding planners to DJs to Makeup Artists to Floral Designers to Catering. All of this must’ve cost him thousands of dollars.

The Wedding planner must’ve cost him over $10 thousand, while the disk jokey should’ve earned around $2500. Wedding bands usually cost $2500 to $5000, floral designers usually charge $1500, catering cost him $1200, make-up artists charged him over $500, and the wedding cakes cost him around $1000.

Quick Facts: Shay Mooney

Where and When was Shay Mooney born?

December 27, 1991, Natural Dam, Arkansas, USA

Which college did Shay Mooney attend?

Valley Forge Christian College

What is the nationality of Shay Mooney?


Which ethnicity does Shay Mooney belong to?

English and Irish

How old is Shay Mooney?

27 years old

Under which birth sign was Shay Mooney born?


What color is Shay Mooney’s hair?


Which color eyes does Shay Mooney have?

Dark Brown

Who are Shay Mooney’s parents?

Rick and Cindy Mooney

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