Sadie Calvano’s Journey to a Million Dollars!

Sadie Calvano is not married.
Born Name Sadie Amara Calvano
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Height 5 feet 2 inch
Eye Color Green
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Net Worth $1 million
Weight 54 kilograms
Age 23 years old
Parents Steven Calvano and Aimmee B.

It is often said that the morning shows the day. Similar is the case with the life of the very young and blooming Hollywood actress, Sadie Calvano.

Still, a very young actress, Calvano, 23, endured an amazing journey to who she is today and has a promising future to look forward to in her professional career. So, today we take a glimpse inside what’s going on in the personal life of the gorgeous diva. How does she keep a balance between her personal and professional life? Let us find out.

Just Entered the Millionare Club

The emerging diva actress already earns a boasting net worth of $1 million at the age of 23. Clearly, it shows the work that the beauty queen has put into and the promising signs for her long future and what Hollywood is going to receive in her.

Without wasting any time, we dive into how the charming actress accumulated such fortune so early.

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Early Passion in Acting

One of the hardest things people fail to do is to find out their best talent and work on it. However, this was never the case with the stunning Calvano. The actress acknowledged her hobby in acting in her early childhood and worked to pursue it.

Consequently, she went to the musical theatre when she was only 7. On the screen, she played as Alice in Alice in Wonderland at El Portal. Similarly, another one of her plays came as Belle in Beauty and The Beast. Theatre acting took her to different cities of Madrid and Chicago, where she performed Bugsy Malone and High School Musical.

Debut in NCIS

The elegant personality appeared in her first television series NCIS in 2010. She was only 13 then and perfected the role of Rebecca Mason in Season 8, Episode 2, Worst Nightmare alongside Cote de Pablo, Mark Harmon, William Devane, and such others.

Calvano owned the privilege to share the screen with experienced figures of Mark Harmor and Sean Murray so early.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Niece in J.Edgar

The 23-year old actress performed her big-screen debut in J.Edgar (2011). It was a milestone step on her rise to fame and stardom since she was the cute niece to the lead, Oscar-winning Leonardo Di Caprio. That definitely raised a lot of bars for her and gained widespread attention for her.

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Violett Plunkett in Mom

One of the best-known performances of the young sensation Calvaro where he played as the main character of Violett Plunkett in CBS‘s Mom. She was the lead from season one to three. Later on, she got the recurring role in season four and guest roles in the sixth season.

Following her incredible performances in the comedy series, she won the Gracie Allen Awards 2015 for Outstanding Female Actor- Rising Star.

Lead at Why Women Kill?

Lately, in April 2019, she was also in the cast of American dark comedy Why Women Kill. She played the main role as April, a waitress having an uncalled affair with another lead character Robb (Sam Jaeger).

The first season recently ended with seven episodes. Any further announcements regarding cancellation or renewal have not yet been made.

YouTube: 23-year old Sadie Calvano talks on her role in Mom.

Beyond all these, Calvaro also involved herself in different other projects to develop her abilities and strengthened her path to fame. The actress also cast in Netflix’s original The Package in 2018, and other drama series like The Perfect Daughter and Village People earlier.

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Not Married Yet

Good news for Sadie’s fans! She has not locked her hearts with anyone. As of now, the young beauty’s romantic situation seems single.

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However, that does not separate her past ties and affairs. The Mom‘s lead dated photographer cum producer, Alex Brisker back in 2016. The two went out for almost a year and they seem to have broken up due to different interests.

Quick Facts: Sadie Calvano

  • Contrary to her on-screen career, Sadie Calvano is also an entrepreneur co-owning an Instagram shop Ome Shop where she sells vintage and designer clothes.
  • The 23-year-old is a core pet lover as she owns a dog, Benji and a cat, Piper.
  • She is also the face of an organization Bag4kids, a social institute providing comfort and aid to foster children.
  • Her primary hobby is to do ballet dancing and listen to Jazz music.

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