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Joseph Yule Jr., to the audience known as Mickey Rooney, was a famous American actor, film producer and director, radio personality, as well as a voice actor. Mickey Rooney is known worldwide as an actor who played a variety of roles in different film and theatre genres, including Broadway theatre performances, and vaudeville, which is a popular theatrical genre in the US, where a performance is made up of several unrelated acts. Mickey Rooney is perhaps mostly recognized for the role of Andy Hardy, a fictional character who appeared in a film series created by “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer” studio. The first movie in the series where Rooney appeared as Andy Hardy was “You’re Only Young Once”, which was released in 1937.


Mickey Rooney Net Worth $20 Thousand


Since then, Mickey Rooney has reprised his role of Andy in fourteen more films, with the last movie “Andy Hardy Comes Home” released in 1958. Considered to be among the talented actors at the time, Mickey Rooney has starred in a film that brought him the most public attention, namely “Babes in Arms”. It was this movie that also earned him a Juvenile Academy Award. A famous actor, how rich is Mickey Rooney? According to sources, Mickey Rooney’s net worth is estimated to be $20 thousand. The majority of Mickey Rooney’s wealth came from his appearances in the movies, especially around the 1940s, when he was at the peak of his acting career.

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Mickey Rooney was born in 1920, in Brooklyn, New York, to parents who were both vaudevillians. Rooney attended Hollywood Professional School and then went on to further his studies at the Hollywood High School. Rooney’s professional acting career begins with a character of Mickey McGuire, a role for which he was cast to play. From 1927 till 1936, Mickey Rooney portrayed this character in more than 78 comedies. The role of Mickey McGuire was also important in a sense that it inspired Joseph Yule to change his stage name to Mickey Rooney. After Rooney’s success with McGuire, he was soon cast to play Andy Hardy, a role that he would later be mostly known for. Since then, Rooney began receiving other television offers and made his first appearance as a dramatic actor in a 1938 biographical drama “Boys Town”, where he co-starred with Spencer Tracy, and a year later appeared in “Babes in Arms”. It was largely due to these films that Mickey Rooney became a success in the late 1940s. Following this, Mickey Rooney went on to star in “National Velvet” and in 1961 appeared alongside Audrey Hepburn in a famous romantic comedy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Even though Rooney reached his career peak in 1939 and never really topped his success, he was still a highly respected actor. Rooney was even a main star of his own television series called “The Mickey Rooney Show: Hey, Mulligan”, which aired from 1954 till 1955. Rooney also starred in several Broadway performances and even published a memoir titled “Life is Too Short”. Mickey Rooney passed away in 2014, at the age of 93 due to natural causes.

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