Michael Vick Net Worth

Michael Vick Net Worth

Michael Vick is a successful football player, who is known for being a part of such teams as “Philadelphia Eagles”, “New York Jets” and “Atlanta Falcons”. During his career, Michael has won many awards. Some of them include, Archie Griffin Award, Big East Rookie of the Year, Ed Block courage Award, SN Comeback Player of the Year and others. What is more, Michael Vick has several foundations: ‘The Vick Foundation” and “The Michael Vick Foundation”. Despite his success, Michael had some financial problems, but was able to overcome it. So how rich is Michael Vick? It is estimated that Michael’s net worth is $15 million. The main source of this sum of money is his career as a football player. There is still a chance that Vick’s net worth will become higher in the future.

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Michael Dwayne Vick, or simply known as Michael Vick, was born in 1980, in Virginia. When Michael was still young his father taught him how to play footballs. Vick studied at Homer L. Ferguson High School, where he was acclaimed by his athletic abilities. Later he continued his studies at the “Virginia Tech”, there he also played football and became very popular and gained more and more experience. Step by step Michael Vick’s net worth also began growing.


Michael Vick Net Worth $15 Million


In 2001 Michael began his professional career when he became a part of the team, called “Atlanta Falcons”. This had a huge impact on the growth of Micael’s net worth. Michael proved that he is a really talented player and added a lot to the team’s wins. Unfortunately, Vick experienced an injury and was not able to play for some time. In 2007 Vick had some problems with the law and was suspended. When Vick was released from prison, he started working with Tony Dungy and in 2009 he started playing for the team, called “Philadelphia Eagles”. Michael again proved that he can play and he even won the Ed Block Courage Award. This also made Vick’s net worth.

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Now Michael belongs to the “New York Jets” and will definitely continue his career for a long time in the future. In addition to his career, as a football player, Michael has also worked with different companies. For example, “Coca-Cola”, “Kraft’, “Nike”, “EA Sports” and others. Of course, this also ad a huge impact on the growth of Michael Vick’s net worth. In 2012 Vick created his own sports clothing line, entitled “V7”.

All in all, it could be said that, Michael Vick is one of the most successful football players and has achieved a lot during his career. Despite the financial problems and problems with the law, Michael was able to prove that he is a professional and experienced football player. Let’s hope that he will continue his career for a long time in the future and that he will achieve even more. If this happens, there is a high chance that Michael Vick’s net worth will become higher than it is now.

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