Meet Phil Heath’s Wife Shurie Heath. Was Previously Married To Jennie Laxson Heath


Phil Heath‘ wife Shurie Heath is gorgeous. He was previously married to the beautiful Jennie Laxson Heath, but the couple divorced in 2015. The news of Phil Heath’s divorce shocked all his fans as he was very supportive of his ex-wife Jennie during her breast cancer treatment.

As is apparent, Phil is a professional bodybuilder and a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner. He is muscular and powerful, and it’s one of the many things his wife Shurie Heath loves about him. The husband-wife duo just celebrated their second marriage anniversary. They had tied the wedding knot on July 25, 2017.

Phil Heath’s Wife, Shurie Heath Is A Fitness Promoter

It’s not always fitting that a husband-wife duo share the same passion. However, such is the case in Phil Heath’s family, where he and his wife are both fitness lovers.

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Love duo Phil and Shurie married in July 2017. Image Source: Shurie’s Instagram.

The two get up in the morning, eat a breakfast rich in protein, and then hop on the treadmill. In an age where people consume too much fast food and sugary drinks, spouse duo Phill and Shurie pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Further, it seems Shurie is influential in her husband Phil’s back to back wins in the bodybuilding industry. Shurie, born as Shurie Cremona, is a health-conscious woman. She inspires her followers on Instagram to be healthy, well, and happy. With such inspiration posts, Shurie will undoubtedly revolutionize the fitness industry.

Phil Heath wife Shurie Heath
The loving couple of Phil and Shurie enjoy a happy marriage. Image Source: Shurie’s Instagram.

Shurie Heath’s family members already seem to be doing regular exercises. Now, Shurie and her husband Phil are on a mission to make the whole world put on their shoes and hit the gym. Shurie’s relationship advice to spouses around the world can be summed up as the following: the couple that sweats in the gym together stays together. Although Phil doesn’t have any children yet, Shurie might surprise her husband with pregnancy news soon.

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