Lee Wong Wiki Biography: Wife, Net Worth, Politician, Age, Birthday, Salary, Military Career

Lee Wong Wiki Biography: Wife, Net Worth, Politician, Age, Birthday, Salary, Military Career

A former Asian-American soldier, Lee Wong, has lifted his shirt during a town hall meeting to show his scars, his – as he puts it – patriotism. Lee Wong, 69, a war veteran, has been applauded for the gesture that has been seen as a powerful statement on discrimination.

Wong served 20 years in the US military and assures that throughout his life in the country he has received abuse and attacks. Wong today is an elected official in West Chester, Ohio, and a chairman of the West Chester board of trustees after being elected for the first time in 2005.

Lee Wong Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

A war veteran and a true patriot Lee Wong, 69 years old, was born in 1952 in British Borneo, Malaysia. However, he belongs to Chinese ethnicity. Lee came to the USA when he was 18 years old for his further studies. Lee’s real name is Huang Lianghua. His parents died when Lee was just 12 years old. Wong had an older brother to take care of him who later immigrated to the USA. He came to Chicago to complete high school education and intended to study pharmacy.

Lee remembers how he was being teased, abused, and victimized with racial slurs just because he didn’t look American. He told how one day a child made fun of his eyes. At the time Lee was living in the basement paying $60 a month and doing two restaurant jobs.

However, when Lee was beaten up by a white guy who mistook him for a Japanese guy, Lee went to the Court to seek justice which he didn’t get. He was revengeful so Lee decided to join Police. His requests were constantly declined and so he decided to join US Army. Lee said he was lucky enough to obtain a green card as his older brother was a citizen.

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Lee Wong Education

Mr. Wong joined US Army and decided to take advantage of the military advantages. There, Lee learned he and everyone there in the army are equal and they are all brothers. Eventually, Lee decided to pursue his education and joined the night school.

He enrolled in the University of Cincinnati and earned his master’s degree in Criminal Science and Justice. After that, Lee applied for a position in the Army police force’s CID (Criminal Investigation Command). Fortunately enough, he became the first Chinese American to get to work in the reputed US Army organization wore crisp suits.

Lee Wong- Career Biography 

After Lee Wong joined the reputed US Army organization, he protected the secretary of defense and four-star generals and traveled a lot. After 20 years of devoted and loyal service to the US Army, Lee retired and moved to West Chester with his family in 2001. Then, Wong started working for the community and doing social services.

He slowly came to know people and the people of West Chester started to recognize him. So, Lee ran for the board of trustees of West Chester and he won. He is currently serving his fourth term as a president of the board of Trustees. the position is equivalent to The Mayor of any State. He also ran for Ohio Senate as a Republican but was defeated.

Lee Wong Military Service / US Army

Lee Wong served in US Army for 20 years and a truly loyal and patriotic American. After the incident when he was beaten up by a white guy and failing to get justice, he decided he would be a police officer. But his requests were thrown away and so Lee enrolled in US Army where he learned everyone wears the same dress, they have the same blood and they are all brothers.

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After attaining his Master’s Degree, Lee applied for a position in the Army police force’s CID and became the First Chinese American to hold the position. During his 20 years of service, Lee fought in the war, prevented and stopped the violence, and protected the lives of high-profile personalities. For which, Lee got injured several times and had to be operated on to prevent infections.

On March 23, 2021, in a conference of Trustees, Lee stood up, lifted his shirt, and revealed his scars he got from his service in the US Army and asked people IS IT PATRIOT ENOUGH? His video went viral and people are applauding him. Wong’s gesture came when xenophobia is spreading in the USA against Asian American people.

Lee Wong Wife, Married, Children

Lee Wong though hated white men and people when he was in his 20s, now is married to a white woman Terri McGill for 39 years now. Wong got married to his wife Terri on April 17th of 1982 and since then they are living in West Chester as one happy family.

Talking more of Lee’s wife Terri, she is working as Beauty Advisor for Motives by Loren Ridinger and Shopping Annuity Advisor at Shop Terri Wong. Moreover, Terri studied at the Univerity of Hawaii from 1990 to 1993. Belonging to Lawrenceburg, Indiana, West Chester has become the second home for Wong’s loving wife.

Meanwhile, from their almost 4-decade long marriage, Lee and his life partner Terri have Sarah Baugh as their daughter. Sarah, herself is a mother now, who has given birth to a handsome son Gabriel.

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In the picture, Lee Wong with his wife, Terri, and daughter, Sarah

Lee Wong Net Worth, Salary 2021

Lee Wong has served as a Board of Trustees of West Chester since 2005. And now as a chairman of the West Chester board of trustees Lee earns a salary of $231560 per year. As part of the Board of Trustees of West Chester, Wong also gets health insurance and other benefits.

Meanwhile accumulating all of Wong’s earnings from his military service and his endeavors after that, Lee Wong’s net worth is around $1.2 Million as of 2021.

Lee Wong Social Media

Lee Wong keeps Tweeting about the activities that he does for the state of West Chester in his Twitter account which has to date 4308 followers. After his video of lifting shirts to show scars of wars have gone viral, his followers sure would increase in his Twitter account.

Lee Wong has shared his personal side in his Facebook account, he has shared pictures of his grandson, his wife, and his daughter in his Facebook account.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Lee Wong

Full Name/Real Name Huang Lianghua
Nickname Lee Wong
Birthday / Date of Birth 29 February 1952
Age 69
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Country Malaysia
Nationality American
Hometown British Borneo, Malaysia
Ethnicity Chinese ethnicity
Parents Not Disclosed
Siblings One older brother
Profession Ex-Army and Politician
Education(college/university) University of Cincinnati
Marital status Married
Wife Terri McGill Wong
Children  1 daughter Sarah Baugh
Social Media Twitter and Facebook
Net Worth $1.2 Million
Salary $231,560
Eye color Dark Brown
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 69 kg


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