Lauren Groh-Wargo Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Partner, Net Worth 2021, Married, Husband, Salary, Birthday

Lauren Groh-Wargo Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Partner, Net Worth 2021, Married, Husband, Salary, Birthday

Meet Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of Fair Fight Action, a leading campaign strategist and economic justice campaigner.

Lauren Groh-Wargo Career

At the start of Lauren’s career, she mobilized tenants to fight for better living conditions for their tenants in Brooklyn, New York, which led her to a working group where she worked on a number of attempts to coordinate politics and connect, bringing Lauren finally to politics.

Now Lauren Groh-Wargo is a leading political campaigner, executive, economic justice activist, and core advocate for the new South Democratic Wave. Recently, she was named Campaign Manager for Stacey Abrams for Governor of the United States, a campaign which crushed state funding records and put the first African American woman to be elected Governor by a major U.S. party.

Motivated by voting irregularities, Groh-Wargo now serves as CEO of Fair Fight Action in Georgia and around the world focusing on democratic integrity and reform. Furthermore, she has raised money door to door throughout her career and advanced high-network contributors, realizing the importance of grassroots engagement and the growth of progressive value finance infrastructure. During her work, she helped to take voting measures to increase minimum wages and helped to build up their organizations and leadership for emerging leaders across the South and across the world.

Is Lauren Groh-Wargo Lesbian?

Yes, Lauren Groh-Wargo is a lesbian! Many of you might not have known this as Lauren doesn’t talk of her sexuality often. But she embraces, who she is and is proud of her sexuality.

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However, it wasn’t the same for Lauren back in the days, when she didn’t know how to come out of the closet. It was back in the year 1999 when Lauren was a freshman in college that she came out to her parents.

Lauren Groh-Wargo’s mother, Sharon had no clue her daughter was gay. So, one day when Lauren came home and looked terrible; her mother, Sharon, thought her tearful 19-year-old daughter was pregnant. Lauren’s mother was shocked to hear her daughter say- “I’m gay.”

But once Lauren got it out of her chest, she was relieved. Lauren’s mother recalls the moment after Lauren shared her sexuality with her parents,

Lauren looked like a new woman. She was happy, joyful and free. -said Sharon

Although it took time for Lauren’s parents to process the fact, they were very accepting of their daughter and her sexuality!

Lauren Groh-Wargo Partner / Wife / Married

Now that you know of Lauren Groh-Wargo’s sexuality, you sure are intrigued to know who her partner/wife is. Aren’t you?

Well, Lauren Groh-Wargo is a married woman, at the date of this writing. Currently, she is married to the love of her life, her wife/partner Mae Elizabeth.

In the picture, Lauren Groh-Wargo with her partner, Mae.

Lauren Groh-Wargo exchanged marital vows with her wife back in 2004 at their wedding in Cincinnati. However, it was only in the year 2014 that Lauren and her wife got their marriage license.

Right at the time, Lauren received her marriage license, her wife, Mae was pregnant with their child due to be born in November 2014. Now, after 16 years of getting married, Lauren leads a very happy conjugal life with her wife and their son.

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Lauren Groh-Wargo Education

Talking about her education, Lauren was raised near Cleveland, Ohio, and attended her local high school. Lauren then continued her studies further and graduated from American University obtaining a degree in Economics.

Lauren Groh-Wargo Social Media

It seems as though Lauren is a reserved woman. She likes to keep her personal matter to herself as she does not talk about her family on social media. Moreover, she has not even uploaded a single picture with her loved ones.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, for now, is only active on Twitter. She joined Twitter in April of 2011 and at the time of this writing has over 20.9K followers. Wargo mainly tweets about social and political matters, and nothing more.

Lauren Groh-Wargo Net Worth, Salary

Neither of Lauren’s salary and net worth has been disclosed yet. But as a former campaign manager of Stacy Abrams, Lauren must be living a lavish lifestyle even though she does not like to flaunt her wealth.

In the USA the average campaign manager earns about $56,961 whereas the elite earns about $114,800 annually. Undoubtedly Lauren’s salary falls on the latter number.

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And considering that, Lauren Groh-Wargo’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000 as of 2021.

Lauren Groh-Wargo Age, Birthday, Family

Born to her parents, mother, Sharon, and father, Frank Groh-Wargo in the year 1980; Lauren Groh-Wargo is 40 years old now. Lauren celebrated her 40th birthday on 16th April 2020.

Both of Lauren’s parents are educated and are their daughter’s backbone. Lauren is very attached to both her mother and father, who supported her through thick and thin.

Pictured together, Lauren Groh-Wargo’S parents.

From accepting Lauren’s sexuality to doing everything to make her the person she is today; they contributed a lot. Lauren’s mother, Sharon is the president of PFLAG Cleveland. Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays is a volunteer, non-profit self-help organization.

Quick Facts and Information on Lauren Groh-Wargo

Birthday / Birthdate / Date of Birth April 16, 1980
Age 40 years
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Female
Nationality American
Sexuality Lesbian
Home Town Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Address Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Profession Political Strategist
Religion Christianity
Relationship Status Married
Parents Mother: Sharon Groh-Wargo, Father: Frank Groh-Wargo
Siblings Under Review
Salary $114,800
Net Worth $800,000
Children One Son
Height 5 ft 6 in
Married 2004
Partner / Wife Mae Elizabeth
Social Media Twitter
Education American University


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