John Kerry Net Worth

John Kerry Net Worth

John Forbes Kerry was born 11 December 1943 in the city of Aurora, Colorado USA, into an upper-middle class family descended from immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian empire. A veteran of the Vietnam War and long-standing senator, John Kerry is one of the better known names in the current United States Democratic Party, going as far as being the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004 – when Kerry lost to the Republican candidate, George W. Bush. John Kerry was named the 68th Secretary of State to replace the departing former Secretary, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and is now one of the leading figures in the US government – with his high-profile career and family descent in mind, it won’t be hard to see where Kerry gets his considerable net worth.

So just how rich is John Kerry? Authoritative sources state that Kerry has amassed an estimated net worth of $194 million, partly from inheritance from the Forbes family fortune, and from his long career in public life.

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John Kerry Net Worth $194 Million


John Kerry was raised in an upper middle class household. Kerry’s maternal relatives, however, were the Forbes family – his mother was Rosemary Forbes Kerry, descended from one of America’s wealthiest families (and related, for that matter, to former French green party leader and presidential candidate Brice Lalonde – Brice is John Kerry’s first cousin). The Forbes fortune – in addition to boosting Kerry’s net worth when he would eventually inherit large portions of it – enabled John Kerry to pursue a prestigious education from a young age, and it was while studying in one of a series of highly renowned schools that Kerry first became interested in public speaking, and through it – politics. From there, Kerry elected to study political science at Yale University, graduating with a BA in 1966 – he subsequently graduated with a Juris Doctor(JD) from Boston College in 1976 –  after which he joined the US Navy and was deployed to Vietnam. By the time Kerry returned to America in 1970, he had received three Purple Hearts, and earned a Silver Star and a Bronze Star for his valour and performance under fire.

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Before he had even begun his true political career, John Kerry had already come to public attention for his prominence in the anti-war group “Vietnam Veterans Against the War”. By 1972, Kerry was already actively partaking in politics and running for office, and though his first attempt to get elected into office failed, Kerry did not give up easily. By 1982, Kerry had secured a place as the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusets, and he was then elected, against the odds, as a Democratic Party senator in 1984, in which position he would remain for more than twenty years. In 2000, Kerry was almost selected to be the vice-presidential candidate alongside the Democrats’ presidential candidate Al Gore. After being defeated in his own presidential campaign in 2004, when he had been accompanied by vice-presidential candidate John Edwards, Kerry remained in the Senate until being nominated for the position of Secretary of State by President Barack Obama in 2013.

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In his personal life, John Kerry was married to Julia Thorne(1970-88) with whom he has two daughters. In 1995 he married businesswoman Maria Teresa Ferreira – the widow of Republican Senator Henry John Heinz 111 – who is considerably wealthy in her own right.

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