John Carmack Net Worth

John Carmack Net Worth

John D. Carmack II was born on the 20th August 1970, in Roeland Park, Kansas USA, and is a game programmer, who is perhaps best known for being the founder of id Software, and the main programmer of a number of games, including “Rage”, “Commander Keen”, “Doom”, “Quake”, etc. He is also recognized for working at Oculus VR. His career has been active since the late 1980s.

Have you ever wondered how rich John Carmack is, as of early 2016? According to sources, it has been estimated that the size of John’s net worth is over $40 million, which has been accumulated through his successful involvement in the business industry as a professional video game programmer.


John Carmack Net Worth $40 Million


John Carmack is the son of Stan Carmack, who was a local TV news reporter, and he was raised in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. John went to Shawnee Mission East High School and Raytown South High School; both at the same time, after which he enrolled at the University of Missouri–Kansas City, where he studied for only two semesters and dropped out as he began working as a freelance programmer. From an early age John had been interested in computers and programming – while in high school, John was arrested with a bunch of other kids for trying to steal an Apple II computer.

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John`s career began in the late 1980s, when he was hired by Softdisk, where he soon met John Romero, one of the co-founders of id Software, and Adrian Carmack as well. He worked for Softdisk until 1991, on the platform Gamer`s Edge, but left Softdisk after his first game “Commander Keen”, became successful, which encouraged him to start his own company id Software.

From that point on, his career has gone only upwards, and also his net worth. As a part of id Software, John has been credited as a programmer and developer of such popular games as “Shadow Knights” (1991), “Wolfenstein 3D” (1992), “Doom” (1993), and its sequels “Doom II: Hell On Earth” (1994), “Doom 3” (2004), and “Doom 3: Resurrection Of Evil” (2005). Furthermore, he is also credited with such video game titles as “Quake” (1996), “Quake II” (1997), “Quake III: Arena” (1999), “Quake 4” (2005), and many others, all of which added to his net worth.

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He has also been credited for implementing and creating new technologies in game graphics, including Adaptive Tile Refresh, Raycasting, Surface Caching, and Mega Texture among many others, which have also increased his net worth, and popularity.

To speak further of his accomplishments, he has created an aerospace company entitled Armadillo Aerospace, which primary focus was creating suborbital spacecraft which will be used for space tourism. The company won several NASA challenges, including Lunar Lander 1 and Lunar Lander 2, which won the company around $850,000, which further increased John`s net worth. However, in 2013, the company went into hibernation mode, due to the several unsuccessful operations. Most recently, John left id Software, and joined Oculus VR in 2013 as its CTO, which is now the main source of his net worth.

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Thanks to his successful career John has received several prestigious awards, including induction into the Hall of Fame of Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, and Lifetime Achievement award given by the Game Developers Conference. Furthermore, he was named in the top 10 most influential people in several magazines, including Time, MIT Technology Review, and Computer Gaming World, among others. Regarding his personal life, John Carmack has been married to Katherine Anna Kang since 2000; the couple has a son and they currently reside in Heath, Texas USA.

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