Jimmy Wales Net Worth

Jimmy Wales Net Worth

Jimmy Wales is also known as Jimbo Wales, Funder of Kazakhstan, Jimbo, Jimmy Donal Wales and Benelovent Dictator for Life. J. Wales gained his huge amount of net worth, being one of the richest personalities in United States, as an internet entrepreneur, businessperson and trader. Jimmy was able to gain estimated net worth as amazingly high as $1 million. He was named one of the most influential personalities in the world by the famous Time magazine, but mostly he is known as the co-founder of Wikipedia – the famous internet encyclopedia, and that is a very clear answer to the question about how rich is J. Wales.


Jimmy Wales Net Worth $1 Million


Jimmy Wales was born on August 7, 1966, in Huntsville, Alabama, United States. Since an early age, Keen has been highly interested in all sorts of science, and studied in the House of Learning, where his mother and grandmother were teaching.

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Wales’s career started in year 1996, when his net worth started to build seriously as he was able to launch his first internet site with male-oriented adult content. It was called Bomis and the success of it led Jimmy’s net worth to rise even more as he could launch Nupedia . Nupedia was actually the main idea for his future project. This was in 1998, and only three years after the famous Wikipedia was launched. However, Wales’s net worth is not as high as we could expect – so long as the famous Wikipedia is absolutely free for users. Actually all the money is earned from advertisements.

Talking about the personal life of Jimmy Wales, we should mention that he has been married three times. His first wife, Pamela Green, he married at the very young age of 20 years old. However, the couple divorced in 1993 after several years of living together. His second wife, Christine Rohan, he met thanks to a friend from Chicago – then she was working for the Mitsubishi company, and Jimmy married her in 1997, when Wales’s net worth was not so big as it is nowadays. The couple had a daughter together, but after their separation she decided to live with Christine.

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Next came a little scandalous relationship with Rachel Marsden – she is a columnist with a conservative view of the world. As they had a conflict about her biography on Wiki, they had a reason to start communicating. Later Marsden wrote a complaint about Jimmy, and he had to state that their relationship did not affect the quality of Wikipedia articles.

Nowadays Jimmy is married to Kate Garvey, mostly known as a former aide of Tony Blair, the prime minister of the UK. They have one daughter together.

Wales’s net worth continues to grow as Wikipedia and its articles remain one of the most popular resources in the world used by every internet user in almost all languages. So there is a huge reason why we can expect that the estimated net worth of Jimmy Wales will grow even more.

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