JaMarcus Russell Net Worth

JaMarcus Russell Net Worth

JaMarcus Trenell Russell was born on 9 August 1985, in Mobile, Alabama USA. He is a well-known former American football player. JaMarcus is known for being a part of the American football team, called “Oakland Raiders”, where he played for 2 years. During his career, Russell won such awards as Manning Award, SEC Offensive Player of the Week, SEC Player of the Year and others. Although Russell is only 29 years old, he has ended his career as an American football player. There is still a chance that he will comeback after some time. Let’s hope that this is exactly what will happen and his fans will be able to see him playing again.

So how rich is JaMarcus Russell? Sources have estimated that Russell’s net worth is $5 million in 2015. Of course, when Russell was a professional American football player he earned a lot more and his net worth reached more than $20 million. The main source of Russell’s net worth is, undoubtedly, his activities as an American football player. If he will comeback in this field, there is a high chance that his net worth will become higher and that he will again will be very popular and acclaimed.

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JaMarcus Russell Net Worth $5 Million


JaMarcus studied at the Lillie B. Williamson High School. There he began playing football and his skills were noticed by school’s coach. Step by step Russell improved his skills and became one of the best players in his school. In 2003 JaMarcus started attending Louisiana State University, where of course, he continued playing American football. During the year at university he not only became more experienced but also improved his skills even more. He added a lot to the winning performances of his teams and proved that he was a really talented football player. In 2007 JaMarcus became a part of the team called the “Oakland Raiders”. This had a huge influence on the growth of Russell’s net worth. Despite successful games, Russell experienced some injuries and was not able to play for some time. In the 2008 season Russell gained more trust from the coach of the “Oakland Raiders” and played as the starter. First games of the season were not very successful for JaMarcus and his team, and because of his poor game Russell had to spend much of his time on a bench in that season, and in the 2009 season. One year later JaMarcus left the “Oakland Riders” and his career as an American football player also ended. In 2013 Russell tried to comeback to NFL, unfortunately not a single team wanted to sign him up. There is still a chance that in the future we will see him playing again.

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While talking about JaMarcus Russell’s personal life, it can be said that in 2010 he was arrested for possessing codeine syrup, but was not indicted. There is not much information about his love life; it is only known that he once dated the granddaughter of a famous musician, Fats Domino. Finally, JaMarcus Russell is a young and talented American football player. Unfortunately, his career did not go well mainly because of injuries, and he had to leave football. There is still hope that he will play again. Let’s hope that this will happen soon.

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