Is Lil Reese still alive?


Lil Reese was shot Saturday morning in a northside parking garage. The shooting was reported around 9.50 am according to Chicago police and the Chicago Fire Department.

Well, it was not just one party shooting the other but everybody shooting at everybody. The shooting resulted in 3 victims aged 20,27 and 28.

The shooting took place due to a dispute in the parking garage regarding a stolen car.

Among the victims, the 20-year-old male was shot twice in the knee and taken to Stroger Hospital. Even though the 20-year-old male was shot twice he is in a good condition and out of harm.

The 27-year-old man was shot multiple times in the body and is in critical condition. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

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The Chicago rapper Tavares Taylor who goes by the name Lil Reese was only grazed in the eye by the bullet and was also taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Lil Reese was in a fair condition while being taken to the hospital and was not in a critical state.

In a media notification, police said no one was in custody in the shooting.


How did the shooting happen?

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