Former ESPN Host Ryen Russillo’s Net Worth Sources

Ryan Russillo used to host podcasts at ESPN until 2019. Source: Instagram
Born Name Ryen Russillo
Birth Place West Tisbury, Massachusetts, United States
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Spotscaster
Net Worth $3 million
Age 44 years old

Last Updated on February 9, 2020

Ryen Russillo remains the perfect example to take the inspiration that hardwork can take you to places. Courtesy of all the midnight oil he burnt, he is an American sports host who used to conduct shows for the ESPN network.

None other than Russillo is responsible for all the accomplishments he enjoys as of now. He is known for The Ryen Russilo Show and ESPN Radio College GameDay. So, today we bring you all the details about Ryen Russillo, his net worth sources, and personal life. 

Ryen Russillo Left ESPN

While many people dream of getting a job at the ESPN network, be as successful as Ryen Russillo to leave it. He became a media story back in the fall of 2019 as he left the sports media to join The Ringer.

The decision hit everyone with a shock, including Scott Van Pelt, Russillo’s co-worker at ESPN radio show for six years. The journalist went to working with Bill Simmons at his new workplace following a fallout at the earlier network.

Ryen Russillo Wasn’t Happy at ESPN

Ryen Russillo, despite spending a great deal of time at the ESPN network, wasn’t entirely happy in the latter years. Although he left in September 2019, the thought to quit dates way back to December 2017.

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The podcast-host had a contract to honor at that time, which led him to continue working instead of being jobless. It was then when he conducted one of the best podcasts at ESPN as well. 

One of the essential reasons on his exit could be how his friend, Stephen, got into the radio to replace him and slid him down. 

The network continued to offer him numerous contract extensions and even did it in the 2019 summer. However, he had already made his mind to leave with instinct on how Bill had a plan B.

Ryen Russillo at The Ringer

Bill eventually triggered the plan of The Ringer, and that was it for Ryen as well. He started working in The Ringer for all multimedia stuff since September 2019.

It wasn’t his first appearance at the network since he used to make weekly appearances during the NBA season. The commentator started hosting  Dual Threat podcast thrice a week since 2018

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The former ESPN asset switch to The Ringer in a full-time deal would appear on other shows like The Rewatchables and The Ringer NBA Show as well.

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How Much is Ryen Russillo’s Net Worth?

Ever wondered how much an ESPN host would earn? Well, get ready for revelation as Ryen Russillo worked for the network for over a decade.

Russillo, specifically, he owns a whopping net worth of $3 million as of 2020, thanks to his podcasts and radio-host career at ESPN. He used to earn around $100,000 per annum as his salary at the worldwide network.

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The charismatic reporter also makes quite a fortune at The Ringer, which made him opt to the network full-time, leaving his globally known former workplace. Previously, he conducted his own syndicated sports talk radio show, The Ryen Russillo show from 2009 to 2017 alongside Will Cain and Danny Kanell.

Ryen Russillo’s Car

The sportscaster, Ryen Russillo, doesn’t hesitate to spend his enormous bank balance. Thanks to his massive salary, he drives a fancy Land Rover. 

The sophisticated vehicle costs around $73,000 in the market as of now. Back in August 2019, he posted a picture driving a sports truck at Baja, California, Mexico.

Russillo Arrested For Criminal Entry

Russillo couldn’t maintain a perfect police record since the cops arrested him in Wyoming back on August 23, 2017.

YouTube: Ryen Russillo speaks about his arrest and suspension.

The sportscaster reportedly was intoxicated and nude as police found him entering in the wrong hotel room. Consequently, ESPN banned him as well to air on the radio. Likewise, it was one of the factors which opted for him not to renew the contract with ESPN radio.

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Ryen Russillo’s Private Personal Life

The former ESPN host, Ryen Russillo, prefers to keep his personal life away from the media wave. Although he posts all his exquisite life details and happenings on his Instagram handle, he hasn’t disclosed any information regarding his potential girlfriend or wife.

The Ringer host, however, posted a couple of pictures with two different babies in his handle. 

Earlier on, there were rumors about Russillo dating fellow ESPN personality Cari Champion, but they never confirmed the news.

Quick Facts: Ryen Russillo

  • Russillo completed his graduation from the University of Verman and did an internship at WCAX, Burlington.
  • He also has a TV series appearance on ‘Get Up!’
  • Initially, he used to be a commentator for the New England Patriots on WBCN.
  • He had a personal conflict with John Dennis of WEEI, which resulted in him to lose his job at WBCN.
  • Russillo reunited with Scott Van Pelt on the SVP & Russillo podcast in June 2019.

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