Ella Grace Hartwell – Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Daughter With Edgerton Hartwell


American actress and model Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s daughter Ella Grace Hartwell was born on January 13, 2017. She is Keshia’s first and the only daughter with ex-husband Edgerton Hartwell. Keshia and Edgerton’s relationship ended in 2018 after the couple had tied the knot in 2016. Keshia and Edgerton’s divorce finalized in April 2019.

Edgerton Hartwell’s daughter Ella Grace Hartwell is his second child. With his ex-wife Lisa Wu, Edgerton has a son, Edgerton Hartwell Jr. As of now, Ella Grace goes to pre-school and enjoys the company of her parents. She has a loving father and mother, and she bonds well with her half-brother, Edgerton Hartwell Jr.

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Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Daughter: Ella Grace Hartwell

Edgerton Hartwell and his ex-wife Keshia Knight Pulliam’s daughter Ella is a little girl. She is not only pretty-faced but the light of her parents’ life.

Ella Grace brings happiness to her mother and father’s life. Image Source: Keshia’s Instagram.

Obviously, Keshia’s fans sent her sweet wishes, and good luck when Ella Grace came to this world.
What’s more, Keshia wastes no time when it comes to celebrating her only child’s birthday!

Furthermore, the cute daughter of Keshia Knight has got a lovely bond with her mama. According to Keshia’s Instagram, the young Ella is happy spending her childhood with her mother. The mother-daughter duo also takes adorable selfies together. Plus, Keshia even takes her daughter out to shopping groceries!

The two-year-old Ella Grace goes grocery shopping with her mother, Keshia Knight Pulliam. Image Source: Keshia’s Instagram.

Accordingly, Ella Grace bonds well with her half-brother, Edgerton Hartwell Jr. Since Keshia’s divorce with her ex-husband Edgerton Hartwell, the beautiful Ella spends more time with her mommy. We’re sure that Ella also loves her father Edgerton and loves seeing him when possible.

Ella Grace Hartwell: Name Meaning

The name Ella is a sort form of Eleanor, which means “light.” Grace is a Latin origin name, which means “kindness, mercy, beauty.”

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