Dr. Elvis Francois Wife, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Nationality, Birthday, Height, Biography

Dr. Elvis Francois Wife, Net Worth, Age, Parents, Nationality, Birthday, Height, Biography

Dr. Elvis Francois, MD is an American orthopedic surgeon. He has had experiences for more than 5 years, especially in orthopedic surgery. Since June 2015, Dr. Francois has been a resident in orthopedic surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Through his songs, he hopes to give his patients happiness and joy.

Quick Facts and Information on Dr. Elvis Francois

Birthday / Date of Birth  28th September 1985
Age 35 Years
Country United States of America
Address Rochester, Minnesota
Profession Orthopedic Surgeon
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity African-American
Hometown Haiti
Marital Status Not Married
Net Worth $600,000
Social Media Youtube, Instagram, Facebook
Brother Nathaniel Cange
Sister Abigal Cange
Height 6 feet / 1.82m
Wife None
Education Meharry Medical School of Medicine

Dr. Elvis Francois Professional Career

Moving on to his education, Dr. Francois is the chief resident in the orthopedic department of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. In 2015, Francois graduated with honors from Meharry Medical College School Of Medicine. He grew up singing in the church choir and in a capella groups.

Dr. Elvis is finishing his spine surgery fellowship in Boston and his goal is to get a job as a spine surgeon. While he is doing that, the singing doctor is actually writing some original music now and is hoping to release some original music in the next few months.

Hopefully, he can find a way to share a bit of music and medicine with people for as long as people are healed as he says, “music is medicine”.

Dr. Elvis Francois Singing/ Masked Singer

Dr. Elvis Francois, nicknamed “The Singing Surgeon” got the boot from ‘The Masked Singer’. He went viral at the beginning of the pandemic after he delivered an uplifting and inspiring performance to ‘Believe’ and many other cover songs, all scrubbed up and working the piano. Dr. Elvis was revealed as The Serpent. He was one of the best talents on Season 4 and to watch him go has not been easy for fans who’ve been following the show.

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Dr. Elvis actually had another costume all lined up, and the plan was to move forward with that. And they reached out literally just right before the competition was about to start and they showed him the Serpent and it made perfect sense. The medical symbol, which is the caduceus, is the Hermes staff with two serpents wrapped around it.

So as soon as Dr. Elvis saw it, he knew it was completely meant to be just because of what it means in medicine. And the costume itself is just out of this world like the tentacles are moving. It looks like something from an old Egyptian royal tomb or something like that.

Dr. Elvis Francois Net Worth/Salary

Dr. Elvis has been in the medical industry for quite a long time. He has no doubt amassed a huge fortune with the bulk of his wealth coming from his career as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Despite his obvious riches, Dr. Francois prefers to lead a modest lifestyle. However, the specifics about his assets and liabilities are still under review. So it has been estimated that Dr. Elvis Francois’s net worth is around $600,000 as of late 2020 and early 2021.

Is Dr. Elvis Francois Married? Who is Elvis Francois’ Wife

If you are an avid fan or follower of Mr. Francois, you sure have a keen interest in knowing things about his personal life. If you ask, how we know so, the google search bar clearly gives it away. Believe it or not, the thing that is most searched about him on google is; is Dr. Elvis Francois Married. Followed by another question- who is Dr. Elvis Francois’ wife.

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Well, to answer that, Dr. Elvis Francois isn’t married yet. So, obviously, there is no one to be called Dr. Elvis Francois’ wife. Also, Mr. Francois doesn’t appear to be dating any lady as of lately. Either it’s that or he might be very good at hiding his potential girlfriend and relationship details.

But whatever the case is; Dr. Elvis Francois has yet to talk about his love interest and plans about getting married. For now, it appears as if Dr. Elvis Francois is completely focused on his thriving career. At the age of 35, Elvis has attained a lot and is still striving to make the most of it. So, we might have to wait for quite some time, to witness this man get hitched.

Dr. Elvis Francois Social Media

Dr. Elvis Francois is very active on social media platforms. Over the past few years, after posting a video of himself singing just after a successful surgery his social media profile started to boom. He can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and even his own Youtube channel.

His official Facebook page has close to 95,000 followers, with whom he shares his singing videos and his travel photos. The mayo clinic doctor is also quite active on Instagram on which he has around 266k followers furthermore on his youtube channel he has posted 15 videos gaining 18500 subscribers.

Dr. Elvis Francois Parents, Age, Birthday

Speaking of his age, Dr. Elvis Francois is 35 years old. Mr. Francois was born as Elvis Lionel Franois in the year 1985 to his parents. And Dr. Elvis celebrates his birthday on 28th September every calendar year. As usual, Francois celebrated his 35th birthday this year with his friend and family.

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Talking about family, Elvis confirms that his mother named him after Elvis Presley. Elvis’ father is a cab driver in New York City, who is clearly extremely proud of his son. As stated by Elvis, his father raise him and his brother as a single parent. His dad immigrated to America from Haiti to provide him and his brother the opportunities that he didn’t have in his youth.

Further, Dr. Elvis regards his dad very highly as he says that his father taught him, work ethic and laser focus. Also, Elvis draws musical inspiration from his father too.

Growing up, Francois participated in church choirs and a capella groups. He says although his dad is tone-deaf, “music is universal…music is medicine.” Dr. Elvis once expressed about his dad being a terrible singer, but in each of his broken notes, his father delivered comfort and reassurance to his family. He said,

The man was and still is a terrible singer. Practically tone deaf to be honest. But as bad as life would ever get. No matter if he didn’t have enough money to send back home to Haiti. No matter if rent couldn’t be paid. In the face of every hard ship. No matter what. He never stopped singing. And in his song, he found and gave us comfort. Comfort and reassurance in each broken note.

In the picture, Dr. Elvis Francois with his dad


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