Billy Idol Net Worth

Billy Idol Net Worth

William Michael Albert Broad was born on 30 November 1955, in Stanmore, Middlesex England, and known professionally as Billy Idol, is a singer and musician, perhaps best known as a member of the group called Generation X, and for such famous songs as White Wedding, Rebel Yell, Dancing With Myself and Eyes Without a Face.

You might think, how rich is Billy Idol? Sources have estimated that Billy’s net worth is over $60 million as of late 2017, accumulated during his music career now spanning over 40 years.


Billy Idol Net Worth $60 Million


Billy was interested in music from an early age, even dropping out of university to become a groupie, and concentrate more on breaking into the music scene himself. In 1976 Idol became a member of the group called Siouxsie and the Banshees, however, he quit the band within a year, and joined another called Chelsea. Then again Billy was a part of this group for only a short period of time, before he joined with Tony James and John Towe to create the punk rock band, Generation X. The group subsequently released three albums: Valley of the Dolls, Sweet Revenge and Generation X UK. The success of Generation X had a huge impact on the growth of Billy Idol’s net worth.

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In 1981 Idol branched out to start his career as a solo artist. His first self-titled solo album was a success, and added significantly to Billy’s net worth. However, during his career, Idol has not been particularly proficient, releasing just six more albums, but obviously quality:  Whiplash Smile, Rebel Yell, Charmed Life, Devil’s playground, Cyberpunk and Happy Holidays; some of Billy’s most famous hits are Eyes Without a Face, To Be a Lover, Sweet Sixteen, and Cradle of Love among many others.

Billy Idol has also won three Grammy Awards for his work, and been nominated for many more. The success of his albums has certainly increased Billy’s net worth considerably and consistently.

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Recently it has been announced that Idol will release a new album called Kings & Queens of the Underground. There is little doubt that this album will be a success, and that Billy Idol’s net worth will become even higher.

In addition to his career as a musician, Billy has also appeared in two movies: “The Wedding Singer”, directed by Frank Coraci, and “The Doors”, directed by Oliver Stone. During the filming of these movies Idol had an opportunity to work with Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, Frank Whaley, Adam Sandler, Christine Taylor, Drew Barrymore and others. Of course these appearances positively affected the growth of Billy Idol’s net worth too.

Additionally, Billy Idol collaborated with Steve Stevens on the song “Speed”, part of the soundtrack to the hit movie of the same name starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. No doubt this also added to Billy’s net worth, and since now Idol also tours with Stevens.

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In his personal life, Billy Idol has little private life, as like many music stars of his generation, his exuberant lifestyle, periodically involving drugs and alcohol, as well as various relationships – none permanent – have kept him in the public eye. However, he has also taken part in many charity concerts for various benefits. It could be said that Billy Idol is one of the most successful musicians in the industry, and while having achieved a lot during his career, he still continues to perform. He divides his time between the UK and USA.

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