Becky Hammon Bio: Wife, Husband, Salary, Net Worth 2021, Sons, Partner, Spouse, Kids,Wiki

Becky Hammon Bio: Wife, Husband, Salary, Net Worth 2021, Sons, Partner, Spouse, Kids,Wiki

Becky Hammon is an American and Russian basketball player and assistant coach of the National Basketball Association. After receiving Russian citizenship in 2008, she twice represented the Russian national team at the Olympic Games.

While many were amazed by her basketball skills, she failed to become a professional athlete right away. At first, local coaches held the opinion she was too young and slow. She was later spotted as an assistant coach of the state of Colorado which helped her move forward and become world-famous. And now she becomes the first woman to direct an NBA team as head coach in a regular-season game.

Becky Hammon Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Becky Hammon was born on March 11, 1977, in Rapid City, South Dakota to her Russian parents Bev Hammon’s mother and father Martin Hammon who has coached basketball for three decades. She has a dual citizenship: from birth – US citizen, since 2008 – a Russian citizen. Becky started playing basketball at an early age, playing with her older brother Matt and her father. Thanks to them, she received her first skills in this sport. Also, Becky has a sister, Gina. She was raised by a devoted farmer.

Becky Hammon is very interested in hunting and fishing. She loves spending time with her family hunting in the forest. The basketball player loves music and often sings, and also knows how to play percussion instruments. Before the game starts, Becky listens to Whitney Houston’s songs. In one of her interviews, the girl admitted that a sports career does not give her personal life any chance, because she has absolutely no time for it. The athlete also claimed that she has not yet been able to learn Russian.

From an early age, she shows a strong passion for basketball, but she doesn’t find many other girls to play with and the few she does find are not at all at her level, so she gets used to playing on the pitch with her older brother and his friends.

Being physically smaller and older, every time Becky tries to venture into the area she is swept to the ground by the boys who obviously don’t want to take the risk of getting a little girl marked in the face and then being teased for days at to come. Hammon thus learns to use the body, to beat bigger and more athletic defenders from the dribble, and to find different shooting solutions and parables.

Becky Hammon Education

Becky Hammon graduated from Stevens High School, where she continued to play basketball. At an early age, she was titled Miss South Dakota Basketball. In old age, the girl became the player of the year. Despite a high school career spent winning every individual award there was to win in South Dakota; no major university decides to give young Becky a chance and a scholarship.

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Hammon then chose to go to play at Colorado State University, a college not of the highest order. With the Rams she brings together legendary numbers, winning three times the title of Western Athletic Conference player of the year and breaking all the records of the university and the conference she belongs to, including those of total points (2740) for males or females. She finished her studies in 1995.

Despite this, even after college, the doubts remain the same and no one trusts Becky Hammon. In the 1999 WNBA draft, she is not even chosen in the 50 calls available to the various teams, with the GMs of the various franchises who also prefer some semi-unknown players who, of course, will never even see the parquet.

Becky Hammon Career, NBA head Coach

Becky Hammon’s story began after she won the Colorado State Women’s Team as Athlete of the Year. Their team won 33: 3. she defeated the best WAC player, Keith Van Horne of the University of Utah. Becky has been part of the New York Liberty basketball team since 1999.

In 2004, Hammon started performing at the Colorado State University Sports Hall of Fame, signing a contract. But she only managed to play for the Colorado team twice due to an anterior cruciate ligament injury in her right knee, which she received a year earlier. In 2008, the athlete receives Russian citizenship and thus represents the country at the Beijing Olympic Games. The decision to play for the Russian national team was not an easy one for the girl.

In the United States, she was seen as a traitor and questioned her patriotism. However, Becky argued that this doesn’t make sense: she loves the country she grew up in and people misunderstand the word patriot. According to the girl, she played for Russia for the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games, but it was not about money at all.

For Russia, Becky played in the European Women’s Basketball Championships in 2009 and 2010, as well as the 2012 Olympic Games. Becky played for the Silver Star. Thanks to her, the team broke the record after winning several victories.

Becky Hammon NBA Head Coach 

Becky aspired to a career as a professional coach after completing a basketball game. During her injury, she was unable to play for some time, so she attended coaching meetings and games where she was often asked to give her opinion. In 2014, Becky Hammon was hired as an assistant coach for the Spurs.

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She, therefore, went on to become the second female coach in NBA history. Her work impressed American professional basketball coach Gregg Popovich. Subsequently, she admitted that she was amazed by Becky’s sociability, intelligence, and professionalism and was looking forward to seeing her as the manager of the Spurs.

In 2015, Becky Hammon officially became the first female manager in the NBA Summer League. In 2017 she was considered for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the American basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks.

And now on December 31, 2020, Becky became the first woman to of an NBA team as a head coach during the regular season. She took over the position of head coach Gregg Popovich when he was ejected during a game on Wednesday.

Becky Hammon has won awards for her brilliant achievements in her basketball career. She was awarded the Francis Pomeroy Naismith Annual Student Award from the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association for being the best player.

Becky Hammon Sexuality

There has always been a rumor and controversy regarding Hammon. The first controversy started with Becky playing from Russia and many of the coaches in the USA regarded her act as anti-patriotism.

The second one hovers around Becky Hammon’s sexuality; her being a lesbian! Rather it is not a controversy, everyone has the right to choose their sexual preference. But, it can be regarded as confusion; since Becky, herself is not open about her sexuality.

In 2011, there was a rumor of a relationship between Becky and her fellow basketball player Tony Parker. However, Tony is happily married to Axelle Francine and the couple has a child together.

There is also a long-time rumor that Becky is in a relationship with Brenda Milano who is also known for her basketball career. The two have not confirmed their relationship publicly. However, they have started sharing photographs of one another on their social media profiles that hint they are more than friends.

Becky Hammon Wife: Is Becky Married?

Well keeping aside the confusion regarding Becky’s sexuality, there is always a curiosity regarding her love life. Is Becky Hammon married, if yes, does Becky Hammon have a wife or husband? These are the question that is making people look for an answer anywhere possible.

Well to answer that, Becky Hammon is in fact, reportedly, married to her wife Brenda Milano. Forbes, in one of its articles, has clearly stated Brenda Milano to be Becky Hammon’s wife.

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And not only are they married, together Becky and her wife have two sons named Cayden and Samuel. Becky has shared the pictures of her two favorite boys in her Instagram posts.

In the picture, Becky Hammon with her wife Brenda Milano and their sons.

One such heartfelt post was her not being able to see her kids for one month when she has been out with her fellow NBA team.

Talking more about Becky’s relationship with her wife, it all started back in 2015. Initially, there were only rumors of the two, dating, followed by no confirmation from either side. But, Becky now seems to have given away the greatest hint by sharing a picture of her and Brenda together with their sons.

Becky Hammon Salary, Net Worth, Income 2021

Becky is a retired basketball player but working as an Assistant Coach of the National Basketball Association. She has now made history by becoming the first woman in the role of a Head Coach of the NBA team for its regular season.

It is reported that as a coach Becky Hammon’s salary is $200 thousand currently. As for her net worth, Becky Hammon’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 Million for 2021.

As her career progresses further, Becky is more likely to further enhance her salary as well as her net worth.

Becky Hammon Social Media

Becky Hammon joined Twitter in September 2011 with the account @BeckyHammon with 68.5k followers. In one of her recent tweets, she has expressed her gratitude for her mural n San Antonio.

Becky has the official Facebook page as Becky Hammon with 189K Followers. She keeps posting videos and stories about her basketball plays, events, and her journey. In a recent post, she has been seen coaching the students of Bronx High School virtually.

Becky is active on her Instagram account officialbeckyhammon with 386 posts and 136k followers. She hasn’t got the time to change her status from NBA San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coach to Head Coach.

Quick Facts and Information on Becky Hammon

Full Name/Real Name Rebecca Lynn Hammon
Date of Birth/Birthday 11th March 1977
Age 43
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Country USA
Nationality American and Russian
Hometown Rapid City, South Dakota, US
Ethnicity White
Parents Martin Hammon and Bev Hammon
Siblings Brother Matt Hammon and sister Gina Hammon
Profession Basketball coach
Education(college/university) Colorado State University
Marital status Married
Wife Brenda Milano
Children 2 sons Cayden and Samuel
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Hazel
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Weight 62kg



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