Ariel Helwani’s Wife And CEO Of Anzie Jewelry

Potrait of Jaclyn Stein.

Jaclyn Stein is a Canadian-American businesswoman, currently holding the positions of designer, CEO, and creative director at Anzie Jewelry.

Beyond her professional roles, her marriage to Ariel Helwani, a renowned sports journalist has brought her into the spotlight.

In this article, we will explore both Jaclyn’s personal and professional ventures.

Jaclyn’s Early Life

Jaclyn was born on March 28, 1992, in Montreal, Canada. Her parents, Barry and Anzie, took care of her while living in Montreal. Anzie, Jaclyn’s mom, is an artist who is really good at making paintings and etchings.

Jaclyn Stein with her mom, Anzie Stein and daughter.
Image Source: Instagram

Jaclyn’s parents liked collecting gemstones as a hobby. Over time, Jaclyn also got interested in gemstones and jewelry. She went to McGill University, just like Sheena Melwani.

In 2004, Jaclyn finished her studies and got a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. After that, she started working actively in the family business, Anzie Jewelry.

Who Are Stein’s Siblings?

Stein’s siblings play an important role in Anzie Jewelry too. Her sister, Joanna Stein, serves as the vice president of sales and handles social media marketing.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn’s brother, Robert, takes care of the business’s IT and website. The Stein siblings share a strong bond and work together cohesively.

In their personal lives, Joanna is married and has a daughter named Allyn. Allyn even posed for a special picture for Anzie Jewelry, titled “Three generations of women, three generations of happiness.”

Jaclyn Stein is Married to Ariel Helwani

The CEO of Anzie Jewelry, Jaclyn Stein has been married to Ariel Helwani since October 25, 2008. Surprisingly, they first met back in grade 7 at school in 1994.

Jaclyn Stein and her husband, Ariel Helwani on the beach.
Image Source: Instagram

Stein and Helwani began their relationship after school and dated for nearly a decade before getting married. They’ve now been happily married for 15 years.

Despite being public figures, there haven’t been any rumors or headlines about divorce or extramarital affairs for the couple. Helwani and Stein prefer to keep their love life private.

Stein Mother of Three Children

In their more than a decade of marriage, Stein and Helwani have become parents to three children. Ariel, the sports journalist, and Jaclyn welcomed two sons named Daniel and Walter, along with a daughter named Claire. Similarly, Emily Kuchar is also mother to three children.

Born on November 7, 2016, Claire is the youngest of Jaclyn’s children. Judging by her Instagram, the Canadian-American businesswoman appears to be a protective and caring mother.

Jaclyn Stein and her husband, Ariel Helwani with three children, David, Walter, and Claire.
Image Source: Instagram

Jaclyn frequently shares pictures of her kids on social media. Together with her husband, Helwani, she spends quality family time with their sons and daughter. Whether it’s ice skating or enjoying the beach, Jaclyn is creating beautiful memories with her children. As the CEO of Anzie Jewelry, she is raising Daniel, Walter, and Claire in a fun and loving way.

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Jaclyn Stein Net Worth & Lavish Lifestyle

Jaclyn Stein’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. She has been the designer and CEO of Anzie Jewelry since 2001, earning a substantial income that supports her comfortable lifestyle.

Additionally, Stein works as an illustrator at Mirth Meets Earth, contributing to her various sources of income. Moreover, she is married to Ariel Helwani, a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $8 million. Helwani is a renowned expert in MMA and has been covering the sport for over 17 years.

Presently, Jaclyn resides in Brooklyn, New York, though it’s uncertain whether they own a house or are renting. The millionaire couple, Jaclyn and Ariel, has kept details about their real estate holdings and valuable assets private.

Anzie Jewelry’s History

Anzie Jewelry started when Jaclyn’s mother decided to pursue her artistic career following her husband’s diagnosis with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Barry Stein, Jaclyn’s father, faced this health challenge.

Jaclyn Stein’s mother, Anzie Stein.
Image Source: Anzie Jewelry

For the family, the jewelry company became more than just a business venture; it was a healing process. As Jaclyn and her siblings got more involved, the store gradually expanded.

Today, Anzie Jewelry sells a variety of beautiful ornaments. The dream of Jaclyn’s mother to establish her own company, similar to her brother’s success, has indeed come true.

About Stein’s Husband, Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani, born on July 5, 1982, hails from the same birthplace as Stein, Montreal, Canada. He has achieved the impressive feat of winning the “MMA Journalist of the Year Award” seven times consecutively, starting in 2010.

Jaclyn Stein’s Husband Ariel Helwani is sports journalist.
Image Source: Instagram

Helwani’s contributions extend to various platforms, including The MMA Hour, The Ringer MMA Show, and more. His journalistic endeavors are showcased on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Ariel, Stein’s husband, is a person of faith. He proudly identifies as Jewish. Despite his successful professional life, the sports journalist has faced controversies, such as criticism for an interview with a WWE wrestler on his MMA Hour show, which some deemed “unethical.” This critique came from Tony Khan, the CEO of All Elite Wrestling, who is the son of Ann Carlson Khan.

Stein’s Social Media Presence

Unlike some other celebrity wives, Jaclyn is active on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Instagram account, @jaclynstein, is accessible to the public and not private.

Through these platforms, Stein provides a peek into both her personal and professional life. Her Instagram is filled with pictures showcasing her husband and children, reflecting the love and affection she has for her family.

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