Accomplished Writer and Partner to Safra Catz

Gal Tirosh

Gal Tirosh is recognized as a prominent figure due to his marriage with Safra Catz. Safra is a distinguished leader of the Prophet Organization and a highly regarded business personality.

Gal Tirosh is the soccer coach and writer based in Palo Alto High School. The couple is from Israel and contributing to the rich family of their personal and professional journey. Tirosh’s association with Catz not only highlights his role as a life partner but also his presence in the orbit of influential individuals shaping the global business landscape.

Personal Life

Gal Tirosh married his wife, Safra Catz in the year 1997. Safra is renowned as the CEO of the American tech giant Oracle, is not only a powerful businesswoman but also a loving and supportive life partner to Gal.

Gal Tirosh wife, Safra Catz in a black dress.
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Despite both originating from Israel, fate brought Gal and Safra together in the United States. Their love story unfolded through dating, and they eventually tied the knot in 1997. Over the span of twenty-two years, their marriage has stood the test of time, and the couple continues to radiate a profound and unwavering affection for each other.

Blessed with two Sons

Gal Tirosh and Safra Catz has blessed them with two sons, namely Daniel A. Tirosh and Jonathan Tirosh. The family, however, maintains a discreet profile regarding their personal lives. Both Gal and Safra eschew the use of social media, keeping their daily activities and lifestyle beyond the public gaze.

The family, currently residing in Los Altos, California and enjoys a peaceful life. The privacy they maintain in the public eye is a testament to their commitment to preserving the sanctity of their personal space amidst the demands of their professional lives.

About His Wife, Safra Catz

Gal Tirosh is married to Safra Catz who is an accomplished and influential figure in the field of technology and finance in the United States. Safra Catz currently holds the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Oracle Corporation, a leading tech company.

Safra Catz’s association with Oracle in April 1999. She marked the beginning of a substantial and enduring connection with the company. Over the years, she has played pivotal roles within Oracle, initially serving as an executive and later earning a seat on the board in 2001.

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In April 2011, Catz expanded her responsibilities by taking on the positions of co-president and chief financial officer (CFO), reporting directly to Oracle’s founder, Larry Ellison. The year 2014 marked a significant juncture in Oracle’s leadership, with the announcement of Larry Ellison stepping down as CEO.

In a notable move, Safra Catz, along with Mark Hurd is a joint CEO to steer the company forward. Hurd’s resignation in September 2019 due to health reasons, Safra Catz assumed the singular role of CEO, continuing to lead Oracle with her wealth of experience and leadership.

Net Worth of Gal Tirosh

Gal Tirosh has estimated a net worth of around $100,000. While Tirosh’s financial standing reflects his success in coaching and writing, the comparison with Roderick Spencer underscores the diversity in wealth within the writing profession.

On the other hand, Gal Tirosh’s wife, Safra Catz, is a notable Israeli American businesswoman and entrepreneur. Her financial profile is considerably more substantial, with a net worth reaching an impressive $1 billion. Catz’s prominence in the business world was solidified when she assumed the role of co-CEO at Oracle in 2014, a position she has held for over 15 years.

Safra Catz’s financial success is not only coming from her leadership at Oracle. But also, her status as one of the highest-paid female executives globally. In 2014 alone, she earned a remarkable $38 million, highlighting her exceptional contributions to the business realm and positioning her as a key figure in the corporate landscape. The stark contrast in net worth between Gal Tirosh and his wife Safra Catz emphasizes the divergent financial landscapes of their respective professional domains.

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