Aaron Sorkin Net Worth

Aaron Sorkin Net Worth

Aaron Benjamin Sorkin, better known as Aaron Sorkin is an American screenwriter, playwright, producer, actor, author who owns net worth of $80 million. Aaron Sorkin was born in New York, Manhattan on 9th of June in 1961. Big salary Aaron earned while writing a big amount of successful films, television series and plays or as cameo appearances in different films as a script doctor. Aaron was studying at the Scarsdale School, where attended theater and drama, later Sorkin was graduated from Syracuse University in 1983, gained Bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Musical Theater. First years after graduation, Aaron spent in New York and from time to time appeared as sporadically employed actor, later actor found his big passion in writing plays, and very quickly Sorkin was known a perspective young playwright, what helped him to raise salary.

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Aaron Sorkin Net Worth $80 Million


First big attention Aaron Benjamin Sorkin caught for A Few Good Men, this was a stage play, which attracted David Brown, a Hollywood producer, who even bought that film rights, before the play was premiered. Sorkin was hired by Castle Rock Entertainment for adaptation of A Few Good Men to the big screen, in fact, director of this film was Rob Reiner reached a huge box office success, and in his film was staring celebrities as Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson. In early 1990s Aaron Sorkin was writing some more screenplays Malice and The American President and was working still with Castle Rock, later Aaron was a script doctor on a film “Bulworth”. During 1998 Sorkin began his career in television, for created comedy series with a name Sports Night. First Oscar, Academy, Golden Globe and also BAFTA awards for Screenplay, Aaron Benjamin Sorkin won for The Social Network, this film was based on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, a founder. One more famous and big attention got TV series The West Wing for NBC, it is a political drama, where Martin Sheen was acting the president of the US. Hard work and big success made Sorkin owner of net worth of $80 million.

Aaron Benjamin Sorkin also wrote some more scripts for the movies as Moneyball, and was based on the bestseller`s, Michael Lewis name. Aaron was working on TV from time to time, and this time he came back with TV series The Newsroom, he still was making some cameo appearances in few movies, and also in those where he was screenplay writer.

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Aaron Sorkin gave a speech at event at a Generation Obama, and was following a whole screening of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, on 20th of August in 2008. Sorkin and his life partner Julia Bingham married in 1996, unfortunately marriage lasted till 2005, then they divorced and the main causes were mentioned as Sorkin`s workaholic habits and drug addiction.

Big attention Aaron Sorkin gained while Saturday Night Live made a parody of highly publicized incident in airport in a comedy called The West Wing, where Darrell Hammond, who was playing as the president of U.S and does a scene of walk and talk thru corridors at White House. A being workaholic, Aaron Benjamin Sorkin managed to own $80 million, can you even imagine how rich is Aaron Sorkin?

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