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Mayeli Alonso

Mayeli Alonso is a Mexican American entrepreneur, social media influencer, and reality TV personality. She gained widespread recognition through her appearances on reality television shows such as “Real Housewives of Mexico City” and “Mexican Dynasties.”

She came into the limelight because of her relationship with Lupillo Rivera, an American singer. The two are now divorced.

Join us as we delve deeper into the life and career of this personality, uncovering the secrets behind her rise to fame and the fascinating chapters.

Early Life & Education

Mayeli Alonso was born on December 1, 1984, in Chihuahua, Mexico, to Mexican parents. She grew up and was influenced by her rich Mexican heritage and the vibrant culture of both her homeland and the United States.

About her early education, Alonso attended schools in the Los Angeles area. She possessed an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Alonso’s journey into the world of entertainment and entrepreneurship likely involved a combination of passion, determination, and hard work.

Mayeli Makeup and Products

Mayeli Alonso’s makeup line, Mijumi Makeup, offers a diverse range of high-quality products designed to enhance natural beauty and empower individuals to express themselves through makeup. With a focus on inclusivity and innovation, Mijumi Makeup caters to a wide range of skin tones and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find products that suit their unique needs.

The product lineup includes a variety of cosmetics essentials, such as foundations, concealers, blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more. Each product is formulated with care, using premium ingredients to deliver long-lasting results and a flawless finish. From everyday essentials to bold statement pieces, Mijumi Makeup offers something for every occasion and style.

Mayeli Alonso in a pink dress during shoot.
Source: Instagram

In addition to traditional makeup items, Mijumi Makeup also offers skincare products designed to nourish and protect the skin. These skincare essentials complement the makeup lineup, providing a comprehensive approach to beauty that prioritizes both appearance and skincare health.

Mayeli Alonso’s Romantic Journey

Mayeli Alonso’s romantic journey has seen significant changes over the years. Currently, she is in a relationship with Jesús Mendoza, a talented musical artist. Their relationship began in 2018, marking the beginning of a new chapter in Alonso’s personal life.

Before her current relationship, Alonso was married to the famous World Music Singer, Lupillo Rivera. Their marriage commenced with a grand wedding ceremony in the year 2006. Throughout their marriage, they welcomed two children together named Karizma and Irey Rivera. However, the couple faced challenges, leading to their divorce in 2018.

Mayeli Alonso with her ex-husband, Lupillo Rivera.
Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, Alonso’s past marriage to Lupillo Rivera and her current relationship with Jesús Mendoza highlights her romantic life. While her marriage with Rivera ended, she found love anew with Mendoza, embracing the opportunity for growth and happiness in her personal relationships.

Is Mayeli Alonso active on social media?

Mayeli Alonso has a significant presence across various social media platforms, with varying degrees of engagement and followership. On Twitter, she maintains a modest yet respectable following of 34.2k followers, using the platform to share updates.

Her presence on Facebook is notably more substantial, with a substantial following of 862K followers. Here, Alonso likely engages with her fans through a mix of personal updates, promotional content, and interactions.

Mayeli Alonso in a photo shoot.
Source: Instagram

However, it’s on Instagram where Mayeli Alonso truly shines, with a massive following of 1.2 million followers. Her Instagram account serves as a hub for her personal brand, showcasing her lifestyle, fashion sense, beauty tips, and entrepreneurial ventures.

In terms of her own interactions on Instagram, Alonso follows a select group of personalities, including Samuel Garcia, Melinda Maria, and Alan Ramirez. By engaging with fellow influencers and public figures, she likely fosters professional connections, expands her network, and stays abreast of industry trends and developments.

How much does Mayeli earn?

Mayeli Alonso is one of the wealthiest reality stars hailing from Mexico. She has an impressive net worth of $5 million.

Her substantial wealth underscores her success in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial ventures. She cements her status as a prominent figure in the world of reality television.

Alonso’s net worth reflects her multifaceted career, which encompasses not only her appearances on reality TV but also her ventures in business and entrepreneurship. Through savvy investments, brand endorsements, and other income streams, she has amassed a significant fortune, positioning herself as a financial powerhouse within the entertainment landscape.

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