Yoko Ono Net Worth

Yoko Ono Net Worth

Yoko Ono is a well known musician, artist and also a peace activist. Some people might remember her for being the wife of John Lennon, a famous singer of the band called The Beatles. Yoko is a very active woman who has achieved a lot during her career and was involved not only in music but also in the movie industry. In addition to this, Ono has also written many books and monographs which only made her more famous and wealthier. If you consider how rich is Yoko Ono it could be said that recently it has been announced that Yoko’s net worth is $500 million. As it was mentioned before, Ono has many activities and they all had a huge impact on Yoko Ono’s net worth.


Yoko Ono Net Worth $500 Million


Yoko Ono was born in 1933, in Japan. From the very young age Yoko started to learn how to play a piano. While being just a child Ono had to experience things that had a huge influence on her attitude and character. There was even a time when she had to beg for food in order to survive. Not every child would be able to endure this kind of situation but Yoko was strong enough and she even became the first woman to be accepted into the philosophy program at Gakushuin University. Despite this fact, Ono only stayed there for two semesters. When the war ended, Ono together with her family moved to New York, where she started her career as an artist. Slowly but successfully Ono became more and more famous as an artist. Later this became one of the main sources of Yoko’s high net worth.

When Ono met John Lennon they started to work together on several albums and also participated in the protests together. Yoko’s relationship with the famous John Lennon made her even more noticeable to the public and everyone wanted to know who she was. Together with John Lennon Yoko released 7 albums: “Wedding Album”, “Double Fantasy”, Milk and Honey” and many others. Undoubtedly these albums became famous and added to Yoko Ono’s net worth. It should be mentioned that Yoko has also released many of her own albums. Some of them include “Feeling the Space”, “Rising”, “Between my Head and the Sky” and others. Yoko had worked with such famous people as Earl Slick, DJ Spooky, Keiji Haino, Jorge Artajo and many others.

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In addition to her career as a musician, Yoko was also involved into the creation of such movies as “Making of Fly”, “Onochord”, “Blueprint for the Sunrise”, “Freedom” and others. Although to some people these movies might seem kind of strange she still gained acclaim for creating these movies and it of course made Ono’s net worth grow. Yoko is now 81 years old but she is still a very active personality who is admired by many people all around the world. Not so long ago Yoko released a book and also an album and if she continues working there might be a chance that Yoko Ono’s net worth will become higher in the future.

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