Why Did YouTuber GamingWithJen Divorce Her Ex-Husband PopularMMOs?


The YouTuber pair Jennifer Flagg and Patrick Brown announced their split after 4 years of marriage. Later in March of 2019, both of them got a divorce claiming that they both deserve to be happy and also announcing they will continue to record together and find other people in their lives. PopularMMOs Patrick Brown stated that he and his ex-wife Jen will no longer live together. Their sudden split seemed to had taken their fans by surprise.  PopularMMOs shocked fans by publicly announcing their divorce and also requesting respect and privacy during this tough time.

The ex-pair actually met each other in high school when they both volunteered for their local Humane Society. GamingWithJen aka Jennifer Flagg created PopularMMOs’ website for Pat when he first started his YouTube channel. She taught herself to code in order to make the website for Pat. Then, Jen moved onto ‘World of Warcraft’ and she also played a game called ‘Miss Bimbo’.

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GamingwithJen is a popular YouTube personality, who is famous for uploading Minecraft videos along with her ex-husband Pat. Pat is also a gamer and has a YouTube channel called PopularMMOs. She started her YouTube channel playing adventure maps with PopularMMOs and uploads vlogs, challenges, with her ex-spouse.

The former YouTuber couple of GamingWithJen and her ex-husband PopularMMOs. Image Source: Pinterest.

Reason Behind the Breakup

On May 25th,2019, the ex-pair decided to separate for different reasons. Pat has uploaded a 12 min video on his YouTube channel where they confirmed their divorce. In the video, the ex-pair stated about not having kids. Plus both of them want to be happy in life and do the things that they want to do. Jennifer and Patrick also stated how different they are from each other and also there are so many different things they want to do in their life.

It looks like they are both taking a step back regarding their relationship. And will continue to be as a friend. It could be that both GamingWithJen and her ex-husband PopularMMOs are taking their time and staying single for a while.

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Nevertheless, after all the incident, YouTuber Jen is seen traveling different places likewise PopularMMOs is busy in making his body fit.

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