What is the Net Worth of Dustin Johnson? Why is He Famous?

What is the Net Worth of Dustin Johnson? Why is He Famous?
Dustin Johnson is currently ranked number one in U.S. golf

The sport of golf has seen many talented athletes come and go over the years. In the United States, influential players include Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, and Phil Mickelson. However, nowadays a special new playmaker is gaining attention in the public eye, currently ranked as the best golfer on the PGA tour and one of the richest as well.

This talented athlete’s name is Dustin Johnson. Below we will get to know him a bit better, understanding why he is sweeping the golf nation with his masterful swing.

Early Life and Biography

Born in Colombia, South Carolina, Duston Johnson showed a love of golf and sports in general throughout his early life, playing the game in University and studying to acquire a degree in Sports Management.

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It didn’t take long until the athlete began his professional golf career, entering in 2008 shortly after graduation. Since then, he has played in dozens of tournaments both at home and abroad, winning over 20 times on the PGA Tour and a whopping 9 times on different European legs.

However, the golfer gained serious attention just last year when he came in first place at the prestigious Masters Tournament for the very first time, performing better stroke-wise than the legendary Tiger Woods who held the record previously.

In fact, as the famous event’s 85th edition is set to take place again this spring, Johnson is already ranked number one under top golf betting odds for a Masters Future Win. Fans are looking forward to seeing how the athlete will perform, potentially acquiring another back-to-back title.

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The 2021 Masters Competition will take place from April 5 – April 11th of this year on the prestigious course in Augusta, Georgia

How much is Dustin Johnson worth?

Many people are familiar with one of golf’s most famous players, Tiger Woods, who is also currently the richest athlete in the sport.

However, as Dustin Johnson is performing at a top-notch level in his sport, he is also getting paid a hefty salary for his efforts. Although he may not be among the richest people in the world making billion number figures, the golfer’s net worth is still currently estimated at a whopping $20 million.

However, if he is able to clinch another Green Jacket, the PGA tournament will hand him approximately $11.5 million.

Along with his normal salary, the golfer also endorses a wide variety of high-profile sports brands from Adidas to TaylorMade, RBC, NetJets, and more.

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