Trent Reznor Net Worth

Trent Reznor Net Worth

Michael Trent Reznor Jr. was born on 17 May 1965, in Mercer, Pennsylvania USA, of German and Irish descent, and is a singer, songwriter, bassist, record producer and composer, probably best known for creating the band Nine Inch Nails (NIN). Trent has been active in the music industry since the early ’80s.

How rich is Trent Reznor? A well-known artist in the music industry, Trent Reznor has an estimated net worth of $70 million, accumulated mostly through his career with the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails.


Trent Reznor Net Worth $70 Million


Trent Reznor was interested in music from an early age, starting with learning to play the piano at five, and the saxophone and tuba at Mercer High School. He enrolled at Allegheny College, but soon dropped-out, and moved to Cleveland to pursue a music career. He started to gain recognition in the middle 80s when he joined famous, synthesizer-based music bands at the time, including “The Innocent”, “Exotic Birds” and “Option 30”.He was then discovered by Right Track Studios in Cleveland, where Reznor later founded Nine Inch Nails (NIN), and debuted with the album named “Pretty Hate Machine”, released in 1989, which proved to be a huge success. NIN’s remarkable and groundbreaking debut was followed by a highly successful second album “The Downward Spiral” in 1994, third album “The Fragile” in 1999, as well as five more  albums that were recorded during Reznor’s career. The most recently released album is a collaboration with the band How to Destroy Angels, entitled “Welcome Oblivion” (2013).

Despite the early success of NIN, Trent Reznor had personal issues and at times succumbed to drug addiction. In 2001 Reznor checked himself into a rehabilitation centre, however, at the same time, he was faced with financial problems. In 2003, his now former manager John Malm Jr. presented Reznor with bad news about his assets: his estimated net worth was somewhere between US $400,000 and $3,000,000, a lot less than Reznor had anticipated. In addition, Malm requested to be paid a US $3,000,000 bill. However, after several lawsuits and court hearings, Malm was eventually fired and Reznor made a successful comeback with NIN, as evidenced by his now impressive net worth. Even though Reznor’s wealth heavily relies on his rock band, he managed to apply his multiple talents in different fields and in such a way increased his salary. Reznor together with a composer Atticus Ross collaborated on creating a score for David Fincher’s movies, such as the Oscar-winning “The Social Network” (2010), and “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2011).

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In 2011, Trent Reznor received a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, as well as the Academy Award for Original Score. Reznor’s successful career as a composer has added substantial amounts of money to his yearly salary and heavily increased his net worth. Trent Reznor has also worked and collaborated with a number of familiar faces in the music industry, such as Marilyn Manson, Saul Williams, Peter Murphy, David Fincher, and others. Reznor is also known for making music with such bands as How to Destroy Angels, Queens of the Stone Age, Lucky Pierre, and Exotic Birds.

In his personal life, Reznor currently resides in a house in Beverly Hills with his wife Mariqueen Maandig Reznor (m. 2009) a Filipino-American singer-songwriter, and their two children.

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