Toni Petersson Wiki, Bio: Net Worth 2021, Salary, Wife, Married, Parents, Age, Japanese, Ethnicity

Toni Petersson Wiki, Bio: Net Worth 2021, Salary, Wife, Married, Parents, Age, Japanese, Ethnicity

Toni Petersson is known to be the CEO of Oatly company which sells Oat milk and has switched numerous people to a vegan diet. It’s almost 6 years now as Tony the CEO of Oatly and he has turned the face of the company for good.

It’s because of Tony that Oat milk has become part of every Household in the US and in all over the world. The small company of Sweden has now its branches in more than 20 countries thanks to Tony. He is not only the CEO but he is also the face of The company.

He creates slogans, sings himself, and appears in TV commercials. One of the most bizarre but oddly catching commercials has been Wow Wow No Cow. You can guess the value and popularity of the Oatly milk back in 2018, there was actually a shortage of Oatly milk in the US.

Toni Petersson Bio:  Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Born on the 14th of December 1967 Toni Petersson is 53 years old now. He was born in  Gothenburg, Sweden belonging to Japanese heritage. His mother Ayako Olsson also appeared in many commercials of Oatly. His mother had married two times, and both the times with white husbands.

Tony grew up with his brother who also happens to be a brilliant businessman. The two brothers build a restaurant named Izakaya Koi and a lifestyle concept business in Malmo, which capitalized on their Japanese heritage. They also opened a night club, cafe, koi living, including ten more businesses.

Toni Petersson Education

Toni studied natural sciences at Alströmergymnasiet from 1983 to 1986. Then he attended IHM business school in 1991 to earn his Diploma in Marketing strategy which he obtained in 1993.

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Petersson then got enrolled in Mercuri International in 1998 to earn his degree in Management Business academy which he received in 2000. In 2006, he studied Business Fundamental Programme in Executive Foundation Lund.

Toni Petersson Career Biography

As mentioned earlier, Tony has been a businessman all his life. With his brother, he founded numerous companies dealing with lifestyle, interior designing to night clubs and cafe. Toni was also into the real estate business for which he founded  Spångatan Fastighetsförvaltning AB real estate in 2005. He also worked as CEO of Boblblee, a backpack company.

In 2012, Tony became the CEO of Oatly and since then Oatly has become one of the top companies all over the world. While other businesses were facing losses and fearing shutting down during pandemic, Oatly was increasing its sales value rising to 347% in the first week of March.

Oatly was in existence since early as the 90s but it gained recognition from 2012 after Toni joined the company. However, the company is now in hot water for selling its stake to Blackstone, a company that has allegedly deforested the Amazon.

Toni Petersson Vegan

Toni is responsible for turning people into Vegan after he introduced not only oat milk into the market but also Oat ice cream, Oat Yogurt, and many more. Before oat milk, there was coconut oil, almond milk, and even cashew milk for vegan milk to consume.

After oat milk, however, the vegans have found the new breakfast in their kitchen tables. Not only vegan, but Oatly milk and products are also popular with non-vegan people.

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Toni Petersson Wife, Married, Children

Is Toni Petersson married? Well, many say, there is always a woman behind a successful man. And hence, people are keen to know, if Toni has one beside him too.

And it seems like, he does. Yes, Toni Petersson is a married man, who leads a happy conjugal life with his wife. However, Toni hasn’t shared any information related to his wife as well as married life. The only thing known is that Toni was married, prior to joining Oatly.

From his marital union, Toni and his wife, whose identity remains anonymous for now, have two children; a son and a daughter.

Also, it is known that after Tony and his brother founded more than 10 companies, Toni decided to take a break for a while and went to Costa Rica with his wife, and kids. As a multi-millionaire businessman with a net worth of millions, Toni definitely is taking good care of his wife and kids.

Toni Petersson Net Worth, Salary, Income, Earnings 2021

Toni has been a successful entrepreneur from early his life. He along with his brother has founded numerous companies dealing with real estate business to lifestyle, interior design, liquor company, night clubs, cafe, and many more. Toni is now the CEO of Oatly, based in Sweden. The company has been attracting investors due to its huge success since Toni has become part of the company.

Oatly has sold a minority $200m (£157m) stake to a group of high-profile investors that includes Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z in a deal that values the fashionable Swedish alt-milk brand at $2bn.

The $200m investment represents about a 10% stake in Oatly, putting the firm’s value at about $2bn, according to the Wall Street Journal

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As for Tony Peterson’s salary, his exact salary figure isn’t revealed to the public. However, the average salary of a CEO in Sweden is said to be 1196224 KR per year. But Tony, being the CEO of a company that is valued in Billions now, receives huge remuneration.

Also adding all of Toni’s stake, income, and earnings from his work to date, Toni Petersson’s net worth is valued above $58 Million as of 2021. Meanwhile, considering the bright future prospect that Oatly is promising, Toni’s salary and net worth is highly likely to go up by a notch or two.

Toni Petersson Twitter, Instagram, Social Media

Toni is not involved in any social media platform. However, his company Oatly has an Instagram account where Toni is frequently tagged in.

Oatly has its own YouTube channel created on Jun 18, 2014, and they also have Toni TV in which Toni can be seen singing Wow Wow no Cow. The video has actually received 2,375,519 views with 1.3k likes to date

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Toni Petersson

Full Name/Real Name Toni Petersson
Date of Birth/Birthday 14th of December 1967
Age 53
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Born Country Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Hometown Gothenburg, Sweden
Ethnicity Japanese Swedish
Parents Ayako Olsson
Siblings Brother
Profession Businessman
Education(college/university) Mercuri International and Executive Foundation Lund.
Marital status Married
Wife Identity Not Disclosed
Children Son and daughter
Social Media LinkedIn
Salary More than $1,196,224 per year
Net Worth $58 Million
Height 5 ft 10 in


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