Tom Clancy Net Worth

Tom Clancy Net Worth

Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland USA on 12 April 1947. Tom has been recognised as one of the most influential and successful novelists from the United States, best known for writing a number of military stories about the Cold War, of which more than 100 million copies of his books have been printed. About his great talent in writing purports the fact that 17 of his books are acknowledged as bestsellers.

So just how rich was Tom Clancy? A famous writer and historian, Tom had a spectacular amount of net worth, which reached $300 million, accumulated from his prolific output of novels.


Tom Clancy Net Worth $300 Million


Tom Clancy spent his childhood in Baltimore: his father Thomas  worked in the Postal Service while his mom Catherine was a credit manager.  Tom completed high school at Catholic Loyola Blakefield in 1965, a private school in Towson, Maryland. In 1969 Clancy graduated from the now Loyola Universitywith a degree in English literature.

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Tom`s first job was in an insurance company, then joined an insurance company founded by his wife’s grandfather, which he subsequently bought from her grandmother in 1980. While working there Tom had some free time, which he dedicated to writing books. Thus, at first writing was like a hobby for Tom, and Clancy had no idea that one day it is going to be the main source of his net worth.

His first book was “The Hunt for Red October”, which Tom started writing in 1982. After two years, Clancy sold it to Naval Institute Press: these publishers were impressed, and encouraged Tom Clancy to write more.  The readers were also in fascination: over 45,000 copies were sold when Tom Clancy at first was thinking to sell around 5,000. The book was praised by President Ronald Reagan, as well as by senior military officers for the accuracy his writing displayed.

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Tom Clancy’s other novels include “Patriot Games” (1987), “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” (1988), “Rainbow Six” (1998), “Locked on” (2011), “Ghost Recon” (2008), “Against All Enemies” (2011) among the 17 in total. In writing, he also collaborated with such authors as John D. Gresham, Peter Telep, Grant Blackwood and some others. Clancy’s fiction works, “The Hunt for Red October” (1984), “Patriot Games”(1987), “Clear and Present Danger”(1989), and “The Sum of All Fears”(1991), have been turned into commercially successful films. All the books and subsequent films certainly added great revenues to Tom Clancy’s net worth.

Clancy is also known as a co-founder of the video games developed by Red Storm Entertainment. This game series includes “The Hunt for Red October” (1990), “SSN” (1996), “Shadow Watch” (2000), “The Sum of All Fears” (2002) and a couple of others. These game series also added to Tom Clancy net worth.

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Tom was also a co-owner of the professional baseball team in Baltimore, “The Baltimore Orioles”, for whom Tom was also a Vice-Chairman for their Public Affairs and Community Activities committees. Such positions also added incomes to Tom Clancy’s net worth.

In his personal life, Tom Clancy was married to Wanda King(1969-99) – they had four children. Tom then married Alexandra  Llewellyn, who was with him until his death from an undisclosed disease in 2013.

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