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Adam Nyerere Bahner, better known by the name of Tay Zonday, is a singer, musician, announcer and YouTube personality born on 6th July 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Tay attracted mainstream exposure and numerous YouTube fans after his song “Chocolate Rain” was released in 2007.

Have you ever wondered how rich Tay Zonday is? According to sources it has been estimated that Tay Zonday’s overall net worth is $500,000 thousand, accumulated largely thanks to his great popularity engendered by the aforementioned video on YouTube. His later involvement in the entertainment industry has only added to his net worth.


Tay Zonday Net Worth $500,000


Zonday was born the youngest of three children to parents who were both teachers. He matriculated from Evergreen State College and attended the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, but dropped out before graduation when in July 2007 his “Chocolate Rain” video reached viral popularity on the internet. The video depicts a contrast between Zonday’s boyish appearance and his deep baritone voice, for which he has been compared to James Earl Jones, Paul Robeson and Brad Roberts from the Crash Test Dummies. His song has been described as seemingly illustrating discrimination and racial injustice, but on the other hand engagingly cryptic. This video led to his appearances on national television in various shows, therefore increasing his popularity. It certainly proved a strong basis to his net worth.

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In August the same year, he was on the front page of “The Los Angeles Times” and “People”, and appeared on CNN to be interviewed. In February 2008 he appeared on the “Lilly Allen and Friends” TV show on BBC Three, where he sang a cover of Allen’s debut song “Smile”. The same year, his video won a YouTube award in the Music category. Zonday’s song was covered by Green Day’s drummer Tre Cool, and John Mayer reportedly copied his keyboard riff in a concert. Tay has since also been interviewed twice on “Good Morning America”.

Tay voiced part of multimedia presentation built for the celebration of NASA’s 50-year history. In 2010 he had a cameo in a Vizio Super Bowl commercial opened by Beyonce, and appeared on Comedy Centra’s show later that year. The following year, Tay participated in “America’s Got Talent”, and performed 15 seconds of “Chocolate Rain”. His cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s single “Call Me Maybe”, which he uploaded in June 2012, now has nearly 10 million views.

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When it comes to some of his latest activities, he has appeared on “The Jack and Triumph Show” in 2015. Since his first appearance, Tay has collaborated with various artists, entertainers, show hosts and journalists – his net worth continues to rise.

When it comes to his personal life, Zonday suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia while a teenager. He stated that his parents gave him a piano, and sent him to voice training, as they thought his listening to pop music provided a negative influence. He says he chose his stage name randomly after searching on Google and getting no results. There are no familiar data on any relationships.

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