Scott Yancey Net Worth

Scott Yancey Net Worth

A TV personality, real estate broker, businessman and author, Scot Yancey was born on 9 July 1969 in the city of Van Nuys, California USA. He is a popular TV celebrity best known by his fans for his role in ‘Flipping Vegas,’ a reality television series in which he and his wife purchase dilapidated homes in the city of Las Vegas, repairing and reselling them for profit.

Are you wondering what the wealth of Scott Yancey is, as of early 2016? Yancey’s net worth is estimated to be more than $5 million. Of course he has earned this wealth in his business as a real estate broker, purchasing old homes and reselling them at a higher price after doing necessary renovations. His show, ‘Flipping Vegas,’ has also seen him add to his wealth.



Scott Yancey Net Worth $5 Million


Scott Yancey grew up in Studio City, California, attending North Hollywood High School. He made his first real estate deal while at the tender age of 14 – he was offered an insurance settlement of $30,000, which was quite a huge amount for a teenager. Instead of spending the money like most kids of his age, he decided to invest it, purchasing a home mortgage. This was a wise investment as it brought him an impressive 14% interest rate, which was his foundation for the personal financial empire he has today.

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When Yancey joined college, he was offered a job by a real estate investment firm, where he worked as a runner – Walter J. Plumb, his boss, encouraged him as his previous three runners eventually became millionaires, and he too would succeed even though his job was collecting bank deposits, maps and documents. He went ahead and suggested that Scott get a real estate license and convert his apartment into condominiums, and then sell them. This was all that he needed to begin his successful career. He obtained his broker’s license in Las Vegas, Nevada, making a lot of money in the first year that he quit college to focus full time on real estate.

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Working together for years with John D. Quitiquit and Walter, his real estate mentors, Scott Yancey gained considerable expertise when it came to buying land and selling it in smaller portions. He flipped land deals, selling lots to builders and developers for major profits. When the real estate crisis in 2007 became more evident, he decided to take a small break until things were back to normal. However, he obtained information that there were homes in Las Vegas, Nevada that sold for only $36,000, yet would rent out at $900 per month. He decided to invest his money in the city, finding damaged properties and remodeling them for profit, adding considerably to his net worth.

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A&E Network TV became interested in the ideas of Scott and invited him to executively produce ‘Flipping Vegas’ in 2011. The series attracted overwhelmingly positive responses and millions of viewers, season after season.

Today, Scott is the managing partner and owner of Goliath Company, a firm that manages numerous income properties in and around Las Vegas.

Together with his wife, Scott has written several books such as ‘Go Time: How to Make Insane Money in your Market.’ These have seen him increase his net worth significantly, becoming one of the more successful individuals in the real estate market.

In his personal life, Scott Yancey married Amie in 2000, who he met her through a real estate event in Las Vegas, where they live with Tulula, their dachshund.

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