Scott Colomby Love Story with Valerie Bertinelli

Scott Colomby has an estimated net worth of $300,000.
Born Name Scott Colomby
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color Light Brown
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Net Worth $300,000
Weight 69 kg
Age 67 years old
Parents Harry Colomby, Lee Colomby

If you were in your 20s in 1980 then you will surely remember Caddyshack, the sports comedy blockbuster. Tony D’Annunzio, the character played by the one and only Scott Colomby gained huge popularity among the viewers.

Well, that was not the only superhit movie Scott appeared in. The 67-year-old actor has been active in the industry since the 1960s and is about to star in another movie which might become another comedy blockbuster. Let’s take a sneak peek into this elegant actor’s life in 2019.

On-Screen Matchup with Valerie Bertinelli

Scott Colomby dated many beautiful women throughout his life. His relationship with Valerie Bertinelli changed Bertinelli’ life.

The duo first met in mid-February of 1977, at a script reading session of Barbara Plus Two, an episode of American sitcom One Day at a Time. Valerie said that the moment she laid eyes on Scott, she fell for him. Scott, who was twenty-four at the time impressed her on the first sight.

Valerie drew pictures of hearts on the script pages to show her affection for Scott; however, when that did not work, she wrote the lyrics of a beautiful love song on the pages which finally worked. That resulted in their first date at a coffee shop which according to Scott was wonderful. The duo talked till 3 in the morning but Scott went home and Valerie dreamt about him in her sleep.

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Well, it did not stop there. The love blossomed and they went on further dates. Scott took her to the movies and antique shopping on the weekends.

Scott met Valerie’s parents on her seventeenth birthday and watched Saturday Night Live while having dinner. A few days later they spent the night at the beach which Valerie described in her book as a wonderful night.

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They spent most of their time at their favorite restaurant, Moustache Cafe where they ate ratatouille crepes and drank Blue Nun wine frequently.

The Caddyshack hitmaker showed his love for his woman by sending her roses with a card which said ‘Love, The Kid’. He even taught her the secrets of acting that he knew. Valerie said that he took this acting thing pretty seriously.

Valerie used to do drugs before meeting Scott; however, during her relationship with Scott, she did not do any drugs. Scott helped her out of it.

After some time, Scott went on to do one of his greatest hit, Caddyshack. Valerie suspected that he was getting close with his co-star Cindy Morgan, so, they broke up and Valerie started dating Eddie Van Halen, whom she married in 1981. Valerie started doing drugs again.

Cindy Morgan and Scott Colomby started dating in 1979 during the shooting of the movie Caddyshack. Sadly, the duo broke up in 1982 after dating for three years. Cindy was shooting Tron at the time of her breakup.

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After some time of their breakup, Cindy said in an interview that Scott was a man who was really pissed off and angry at times. She also accepted that Scott was a serious actor.

The Porky’s hitmaker was in a dating relationship with Camille Grammer before dating Valerie.

Starring in Caddyshack

Scott Colomby, like any other great actor, grew an interest in acting and the entertainment business at an early age. He wanted to get into movies and make a name for himself; however, he did not do that. The Brooklyn native first sharpened his acting skills by attending acting school and learning from the greats.

The Beverly Hills High School graduate, Colomby made his debut by making an appearance in a small role in the American show, Day of Our Lives at the young age of 13 in the year 1965.

His big break, however, came when he got the opportunity to appear in Caddyshack along with great actors like Chevy Chase. Scott gained a huge surge of popularity from the movie which got him some major roles in other movies.

Appearing alongside, Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton, Desperate Measures was his next big role. Apart from Caddyshack, he has appeared in many movies including the Porky’s Trilogy, Jack Frost, and many more.

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Scott has an estimated net worth of $300,000. Most of his earnings come from his career in the acting industry. He also runs acting workshops in LA.


  • Scott Colomby has a sophisticated taste in art and furniture.
  • His father is a jazz agent and school teacher.
  • The Brooklyn native went to the famous Beverly Hills High School and graduated in 1970 and he also graduated from Immaculate Heart School with a major in Theatre Arts.
  • From the Porky’s Trilogy, he was only the one to have found success on both small and big screen.

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