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Rupert Sanders is a British film director with a net worth of $15 million. He is one of two sons of Thalia Garlick and Michael Sanders and was born on March 16th, 1971 in Westminster, London, England.

Sanders started out his career as a TV commercial director. His talents were noticed when he started doing projects for big-name companies like Nike, X-Box, Activision, Guinness, Absolut, DirectTV and Adidas to name just a few. His most notable works were the promotional videos for the Halo and Call of Duty video game series and he even received two Golden Lions for the Halo 3: ODST commercial in Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival along with VFX awards for Toyota, Sears and Sony PlayStation 3 ads. He also directed a short horror story, Black Hole and a music video for How To Destroy Angels song The Space in Between, both of which were also considered quite good. These commercials and videos were very well received and contributed to Rupert‘s net worth.

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Rupert Sanders Net Worth $15 Million


After success in the commercial advertisements industry, he got to direct a full-on movie. His debut on the big screens was in 2012 with Snow White and the Huntsman. The leading roles were given to Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth with Johnny Harris, Ray Winstone and Charlize Theron in supporting roles. The film also ended up being a huge hit, earning $20 million on the opening day and grossing $381 million worldwide in total, with budget to make and advertise it being a total of $170 million, so it substantially increased Rupert‘s net worth.

Currently Rupert is working on critically acclaimed anime and manga Ghost In The Shell movie adaptation and is rumoured to direct the new Van Helsing movie, though release dates of these movies are not yet known.

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Rupert‘s personal life also influenced his net worth in a big way. In 2002 he married model Liberty Ross who is a sister of composer Atticus Ross. They moved to live in Los Angeles for Rupert‘s career reasons and had a daughter Skyla and son Tennyson there. The family life took a hit in July of 2010, when US Weekly magazine publicized photos of Sanders cheating on his wife with acress Kristen Stewart, who got acquinted with Rupert during his first movie directing job. After that, Ross and Rupert separated, and legally divorced later on in the summer of 2014. This divorce was a huge blow to Sanders. Ross received the house in Los Angeles, half of the bank account totals, and Rupert was ordered to pay $14,000 in child support along with $25,000 in spousal support. And the biggest hit of them all, Rupert has to give 15% of his profits from filmmaking to Liberty. They did at least split the custody of their children, and Rupert got to keep a house in Malibu along with a Volkswagen van.

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Now you should have an idea of why Rupert‘s net worth is $15 million, along with highs-and-lows of his life.

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