Ron DeSantis Bio, Net Worth 2021, Salary, Wife, Height, Family, Parents, Italian, Ethnicity,

Ron DeSantis Bio, Net Worth 2021, Salary, Wife, Height, Family, Parents, Italian, Ethnicity,

The youngest US Governor in history, Ron DeSantis, has been criticized for consistently downplaying the severity of the pandemic; following former President Donald Trump’s lead in criticizing orders to wear masks and restrictions on businesses. The governor has prevented local governments from applying their own measures to protect residents from the coronavirus.

Ron has been the Governor of Florida since 2019 and as a Governor’s duty toward the citizens of Florida, he hasn’t done much during the pandemic except following the footsteps of Donald Trump. Apart from that, DeSantis is also known as an author of a book titled Dreams of Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Obama Era, which was published in 2011. His book has appeared in the National Review, The Washington Times, Human Events, and American Thinker.

Ron DeSantis Biography Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Born in 1978, Ronald Dion DeSantis celebrates his birthday every September 14. He is 42 years old now and was born in Jacksonville, Florida. DeSantis is the only known child to his parents. At age 13, Ron was among the Dunedin National Little League team that competed for the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He is Caucasian and American.

His ancestry history shows his great-great maternal grandmother Luigia Colucci immigrated to the USA in 1917 after ten years of her husband’s immigration to the USA from Italy. She was pregnant at the time and traveled with her two daughters. She was about to be deported following the Immigration Act of 1917 which barred the immigration of illiterate migrants to the USA. But, Luigia was accepted and allowed to enter the USA as the Act was to be implemented in May of 1917. It is ironic as Ron has been the advocate of banning illegal immigrants from entering the USA as his own ancestors have entered the USA from Italy illegally.

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DeSantis’ mother Karen Rogers and his father Ronald DeSantis have been strong supporters of their son and his views. His father has been an active volunteer for his son’s campaign.

Ron DeSantis Education

After graduating in 1997 from Dunedin High School in Dunedin, Florida. He was in the Dunedin High School’s Little League baseball and softball team. DeSantis attended Yale University, graduating with a BA in History in 2001. He served at the Upper School history department of Darlington School. He then attended Harvard Law School and received his Ph.D. degree in right in 2005.

Ron DeSantis Career Biography

Ron started his professional journey working as US Reserve Naval Officer at U.S. Naval Reserve Center in Dallas, Texas, in 2004. He was then appointed as a prosecutor at the Trial Service Office Command and in 2006, he became the Lieutenant. In 2007, DeSantis was deployed to Iraq and was discharged in February 2010. He then published his first book, Dreams from Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama, in 2011. From 2012, Ron began his political career running for the Republican Primary.

In 2015, DeSantis ran for the House again and after winning for the second time, he introduced numerous acts. Later, in 2018, DeSantis ran for the Governor of Florida supported by Former president Donald Trump. He attended his office as the new governor of Florida on January 8, 2019.

Ron DeSantis Voting Restriction Bills

Ron DeSantis, governor of the state of Florida reported on a series of voting bills that he wants legislators to pass in the next legislative session. Among the proposals is the restriction of the massive mailing of ballots by mail and access to the polls. DeSantis pointed out, in the middle of a press conference, that these proposals will increase the confidence of residents in the Florida elections, strengthen electoral security and increase the confidence of residents in the state elections.

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Ron DeSantis Wife, Children

Jill Casey DeSantis is the wife of Ron DeSantis and First Lady of Florida. She previously worked as a host for American television news and talk show in Jacksonville, Florida. Additionally, Ron’s spouse, Jill, was a co-host of the show First Coast Living.

Ron and Casey were married sometime in 2010. The couple initially resided in Ponte Vedra Beach before moving to Palm Coast. The couple has two daughters Madison, Mamie, and a son Mason. The first lady Casey has always accompanied her husband at every public event.

Pictured together, Ron DeSantis and his wife, Jill

After the birth of their third child, Ron and his wife announced an online hub MyFloridaMyFamily in partnership with the Governor’s Faith and Community Based Initiative and the Department of Children and Families. The online hub’s main aim is to connect Florida families in need to local faith institutions and community organizations eager to help.

Ron DeSantis Net Worth 2021, Salary, Earnings

Politicians live modestly on their duty to serve their people and DeSantis is no different. Politicians in one way or another influence the lives of many, both positively and negatively.

Ron, throughout his political career, has faced some downfalls but has also had an impact on his community. In 2017, DeSantis was said to have gathered a net worth of $311,000, having his greatest asset as his $400,000 home in Ponte Vedra Beach.

However, Governor Ron DeSantis’s net worth fell nearly 9 percent in 2018 when he left Congress and made a successful run for governor. After becoming the Governor of Florida in 2019, Desantis’s net worth increased by nearly 3%. resulting in his net worth increasing to $291,449.

Currently, Ron DeSantis’s salary as a governor of Florida is $130,273. Which has definite added to his past net worth of $291,499. And as of early 2021, Ron DeSantis’s net worth is valued at over $380,000.

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Ron DeSantis Social Media

As the 46th governor of Florida, Ron has opened his Twitter account as @RonDeSantisFL in February 2012 with 305.5K Followers. He has tweeted about the COVID 19 vaccine being delivered to Florida citizens.

Governor Ron DeSantis has opened his FB page as @GovRonDeSantis on January 3, 2013, and share news about his state Florida. DeSantis’ Instagram account has 95.4k followers to date, where he pictures of his adorable family.

He also has his official YouTube channel as Governor Ron DeSantis which has 11.8k subscribers. The channel was created on Jan 3, 2013, and has received a total of 1,156,050 views.

Is Ron DeSantis Itallian? Is Ron DeSantis a Millionaire?

Yes, Ron DeSantis is an Italian based on the fact that his parents were Italian, however, he currently holds the American Nationality.  Now, to answer if Ron DeSantis is a millionaire, he isn’t one yet. Ron is in the prime of his career, working his way up. So, if things turn out well for him, Ron DeSantis definitely has it in him to become a millionaire.

Quick Bio Facts and Information on Ron DeSantis

Full Name/Real Name Ronald Dion DeSantis
Date of Birth/Birthday September 14, 1978
Age 42
Birth Sign Virgo
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Jacksonville, Florida
Ethnicity Mixed American and Italian
Parents Karen Rogers and Ronald DeSantis
Siblings None
Profession Politician
Education(college/university) Yale University (BA)

Harvard University (JD)

Marital status Married
Wife Casey Black
Children 2 daughters Madison, Mamie, and son Mason
Social Media Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth $380,000
Salary $130,273
Height 5 ft 10 inches


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