Robyn Kincaid Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Married, Net Worth, Birthday, Transgender, Bob Kincaid, Husband

Robyn Kincaid Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Married, Net Worth, Birthday, Transgender, Bob Kincaid, Husband

Robyn Kincaid who was Bob Kincaid till 15 September 2020 is a renowned broadcaster. She is not only a broadcaster but also a transgender who dared to come out in public through her radio show.

She is currently known as the host of Head-on with Bob Kincaid(The H.O.R.N.) which is known to be America’s Liberal Voice where people can talk about those topics which are not discussed in any other channel.

Robyn Kincaid Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Born as Bob Kincaid on 31st January 1963 in Florence Alabama Robyn Kincaid is 58 years of age. Robyn celebrated her 1st birthday as a trans female on 31st January 2021. Kincaid grew up with three brothers. Not much is known about Robyn’s parents but she has posted a photo of her father and siblings in her social media posts.

From the story Robyn shared, it looks her father has been very supportive of him. However, young Bob always knew he was trans from his early childhood. But he couldn’t either open up to his parents or his brothers for the fact it was the 60s. And if anyone says he/she is trans, he is a woman then they would be killed. The time is different now, people are more acceptable and they are less judgmental so Bob is now living as Robyn today.

Robyn Kincaid Education

Robyn as Bob, graduated high school from Bradshaw High school after which she studied English Arts at West Virginia University. In 1981, she attended Westminster MO, and received her degree in Liberal Arts in 1983.

When in high school, Bob was not that good at sports, instead of football, he was more interested in Ballet. So he decided to pursue his career in arts and theater.

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Robyn Kincaid Career Biography: Head-On Radio

Bob, now Robyn, has acted in theaters for a very long time. She acted in several plays and has showcased her expertise in acting. In the past she has also worked in WVNA, a radio station licensed to serve Tuscumbia, Alabama, United States.

He, once, was also the President, Board of Directors of Coal River Mountain Watch from 2006 to 2011. As of now, Robyn is working as the host of Head-On Radio Network (The H.O.R.N.) the profession she took since October 2005.

Robyn Kincaid Transgender: Transitioning From Male to Female

Bob has always been Robyn in his heart for all his life. But he couldn’t come out and speak the truth neither to his parents nor to his friends. The 60s era could be quite punishable to people who are different from normal. He, therefore, hid the fact, living the normal life which was normal to society but not normal to him. Bob got married and has children but all the time he was suffocating inside.

Bob Kincaid with wife Agnes picture on their wedding day

However, 20 years ago he came out to his wife Agnes who was surprised to hear the reality of her husband. But she supported him when he decided to go through hormonal therapy.

At the time Bob had to reverse the therapy which was horrible for him. Then amid a pandemic when more and more people were losing their life, Bob decided; he wanted to be his real self. If Bob was to die he wanted to die as trans. He then came out to his sons and daughter who were equally supportive of his decision. Eventually, Bob started to undergo hormonal therapy in September 2020 and has been living as Robyn Kincaid since September 15, 2020.

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Robyn Kincaid Wife, Married, Children

It might be a hard pill to swallow but, before transitioning to a female, Robyn led a happy conjugal life as Bob Kincaid.

Bob, now Robyn, is married to Agnes Kincaid. The two have been married for 27 years now. Robyn as Bob exchanged marital vows with his beautiful wife on May 1st, 1993. And since then Agnes has been nothing but a supportive wife and true friend of Bob/Robyn.

In the picture Bob Kincaid with his wife

After Bob’s transition, Agnes is teaching Bob/Robyn to do makeup, hair styling. From their marriage, Bob and Agnes have three sons and one daughter. They also have three grandchildren.

Back in March of 2019, Robyn as Bob tweeted about how his wife had a high-risk pregnancy,

Robyn Kincaid Net Worth 2021, Income & Earnings

A broadcaster, an actor and radio host, and a family man, Bob has done everything except listening to his heart. Ultimately, Robyn did what she wanted her whole life. Instead of suffering in a man’s body, being a woman at heart and mind, she decided to change and undergo hormonal therapy.

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Bob is now officially addressed as today SHE and is living a normal life. Going through hormonal therapy is not easy, it can have side effects too. Moreover, hormonal therapy is quite expensive as well. However, money is not a problem for Robyn, as her net worth is around $800,000 as of 2021.

Robyn Kincaid Social Media

Robyn has been vocal about his transgender personality on his social media platforms. She has even updated his profile picture on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Instagram, she has shared pictures of his theater shows and his wife and family, however, she has only 791 followers.

Robyn has kept her Twitter account rather professional tweeting only about his shows and radio program. She has to date 3631 followers.

Robyn seems to be a foodie as she has shared pictures of several dishes on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Kincaid has also shared a rare old picture of her father in his Facebook account.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Robyn Kincaid

Full Name / Real Name Bob Kincaid
Given Name Robyn Kincaid
Date of Birth/Birthday January 31st, 1963
Age 58
Birth Sign Capricorn
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Florence, Alabama
Ethnicity White
Parents N/A
3 brothers 1 older sister
Profession Radio show host
Education(college/university) West Virginia University and Westminster MO
Marital status Married
Wife Agnes Kincaid
Children 3 sons and a daughter
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth $800,000
Hair color Light blonde
Eye color Blue


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