Ridley Scott Net Worth

Ridley Scott Net Worth

Ridley Scott is known as one of the greatest American film directors, producers, TV directors, production designers, and one of the richest celebrities who has been able to amass an estimated net worth as amazingly high as $140 million. He is known as the father of many science fiction films which are now popular all around the world, such as “Thelma & Louise”, “Gladiator”, “Blade Runner”, “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Prometheus”, “Robin Hood”, “Hannibal”, “Black Hawk Down” and “American Gangster”, so nowadays many people are interested in how rich Ridley Scott is after all his hard work and efforts while making some of the best movies in the history: his net worth is estimated at $140 million.


Ridley Scott Net Worth $140 Million


Ridley Scott was born on November 30, 1937, in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England, UK. His father was an army officer. Scott attended Grangefield Grammar School as a teenager and later graduated from the Royal College of Art. His debut in filmography which increased Ridley Scott’s net worth was in 1997, when the movie “The Duellists” was released. This starred many well-known actors, such as Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel. This first work increased Scott’s net worth, but it did not win any Oscars and was not even nominated. However, only two years later Scott released his second work – “Alien”. This movie was way more successful than the previous one, and was nominated for two Oscars and even won once.

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Later Scott’s net worth was built up even higher after the movies “Legend”, “Blade Runner” and “G. I. Jane”, but everyone admits that the greatest breakthrough for Scott’ and an absolute way to success was the movie “Gladiator”, which was released in 2000. “Gladiator” was produced by Douglas Wick, David Franzoni and Branko Lustig, and this is one more reason why the movie received a BAFTA Award, Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and 12 Oscars. Unfortunately, since then Scott has not been able to increase his net worth as effectively as he did with “Gladiator”, but since that time he has definitely become a household name as everyone everywhere was talking about his most famous and most successful movie.

Talking about personal life, Scott’s first wife was Felicity Heywood. The couple married in 1964, but divorced after 11 years of living together. However, from his marriage Scott has two sons – Luke and Jake. Nowadays Jake Scott is also known as a film director who usually works with music videos.  Scott’s second wife is Sandy Watson, whom he married 4 years after his divorce with Felicity. Their daughter, Jordan Scott, became an actress, filmmaker and a photographer. But this marriage also did not last for a long time as the couple separated in 1989. Today Ridley is dating the famous actress Giannina Facio.

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Despite the fact that more than 10 years have already passed since Scott’s great breakthrough, Scott is still considered to be one of the greatest film directors in our century, and it looks like his estimated net worth is only going to grow even more.

So now you know how rich is Ridley Scott.

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