Petronella Barker Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Facts, Wiki, Bio

Petronella Barker Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Facts, Wiki, Bio
Born Name Petronella Barker
Birth Place Colchester, England, United Kingdom
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Eye Color Green
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality British-Norwegian 
Ethnicity Norwegian
Profession Actress
Net Worth $200 Thousand
Age 53 years old

Last Updated on July 6, 2019

While most of you might not be aware of actors outside Hollywood, Petronella Barker is someone you might be interested on. In spite of being born in the UK, the British born Norwegian actress chose to pursue her acting in her motherland Norway.

People who know her, Petronella’s life is something which everyone is curious to learn about, the questions like, is she dating, married, or single, gets asked a lot, so we’ve prepared this article just to answers those questions of yours, stay tuned!

Who Is Petronella Barker?

Petronella Barker is a British actress known for her on-screen works such as The Bothersome Man (2006), Victoria (2013), and Dangerous Waters (1995). On television series, she is famous for Codename Hunter, Fox Gronland, and Fatherland.

People often get confused her with British actress who also shares the same name Petronella Barker (Born on October 12, 1942).

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How is Petronella Barker’s Personal Life? Is She Dating? Married? Or Single?

Petronella Barker’s personal life is pretty hard to assume as to whether she is dating someone or single. one thing is certain that she is not married yet.

The Fox Gronalnd actress, however, seems to be dating a mysterious man right now who might be her boyfriend. Though she is yet to state anything on her relationship with the anonymous guy, one can see there is something on between the two.

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Petronella also often shares pictures with him on her social media. If the duo is indeed in romantic chemistry let’s hope the best for both of them!

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As for her online presence, it appears the lady is active only on Facebook. Likewise, she posts pictures with her friends, families, co-stars, and her daily activities on it.

How Much Net Worth Does Petronella Barker Have?

Petronella Barker has a net worth of $200 Thousand which she made from her professional acting career. On average, a Norwegian actor earns around $52,922 (456066 NOK) in a year. In contrast, typically, an actor makes around $32,523 in the UK.

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The talented star has been active in the Norwegian film industry for over three decades and in that period she played in a number of movies and television series. Likewise, she played on the big screens like Hawaii, Oslo (2004), The Seven Deadly Sins (2000), while on T.V. series, she played in Codename Hunter, Fox Gronland, Fatherland, and few others.

Check out the video of Petronella Barker’s featured movie!

No doubt with her experience and capabilities, she surely made good money out of it. Moreover, she likely lives a comfortable life at her home in Oslo, Norway.

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Body Measurements: Petronella Barker

Petronella Barker looks pretty tall for a lady and stands around the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters). Similarly, her hair is light brown while she has green eyes.

Quick Facts: Petronella Barker

Where and when was Petronella Barker born?

Colchester, England, United Kingdom October 29, 1965

What nationality does Petronella Barker belong to?


What is Petronella Barker’s ethnicity?


What is Petronella Barker’s zodiac sign?


Which is Petronella Barker debut movie?

Dragens Fange (1985)

What color eyes does Petronella Barker have?


Which color hair does Petronella Barker have?

Light Brown 

How tall is Petronella Barker? 

5 feet 8 inches.

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