Pete Doherty Net Worth

Pete Doherty Net Worth

Peter Doherty was born on 12 March, 1979 in Hexham, Northumberland UK of Irish, English and Jewish/Russian/French descent. He is an English singer, songwriter, musician, actor and writer, best known as a member of English rock bands The Libertines and Babyshambles.

So how rich is Pete Doherty? Sources estimate his current net worth to be $2 million. Most of it has been accumulated during his career as a musician and songwriter.


Pete Doherty Net Worth $2 Million


Doherty became interested in music while he was still a child, and started playing the guitar at the age of 11. He was an exceptionally smart student and young poet during middle school and high school years. He began studying English literature in University of London but after a year met a man who matched his creative talents – Carl Barât. Both of them dropped out of their studies and formed a band called “The Libertines” as well as starting to live and compose music together. The band released their first album entitled “Up the Bracket” in 2002 and began gaining fans in the UK and this was also the time that Doherty’s net worth began to rise.

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While Doherty was recognized as possibly one of the best songwriters in UK’s music industry, his drug problem started to get in the way. The group took a break in 2003 when Doherty went to prison for two months, then decided to split up in 2004 when Doherty’s drug addiction problem persisted. At about the same time of leaving The Libertines, Doherty created his second band – Babyshambles. At first, other band members continued to change because of Doherty’s drug problem, but it ended up being Mick Whitnall on lead guitar, Adam Falkner on drums and Drew McConnell as bassist and back vocalist. The band released three successful studio albums: “Down in Albion” in 2005, “Shotter’s Nation” in 2007 and “Sequel to the Prequel” in 2013.

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Doherty is also known to have collaborated with poet Peter Wolf, electronic music band Client, rock band Littl’ans and hip-hop band The Streets. Other Doherty’s creative life aspects that may have contributed to his net worth are his poetry, photos, paintings and journals which have all been published in a book entitled “The Books of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty” in 2007. In 2008, a collection of his paintings was exhibited in Paris at the “Gallerie Chappe”: they caused an outrage from some critics as Doherty used his own blood instead of paint.

In his personal life, Doherty is known to have dated the famous English model Kate Moss for a few years from 2005. Doherty has two children with two different women: a son named Astile with Lisa Moorish and a daughter with Lindi Hingston. Drugs have been a big problem for Doherty throughout all of his adult life and have caused problems both in his personal life and musical career. However, he has finally admitted himself to Thailand’s “Hope Rehab Centre” and is said to have fully undergone the treatment.

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