Penny Nance Bio Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Birthday, Height, Married, Covid

Penny Nance Bio Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Birthday, Height, Married, Covid

Penny Young Nance is the current CEO and President of Concerned Women for America which is known to be an organization against LGBTQ rights. Nance is a strong Trump Supporter and is also against Gay marriages and abortion. She recognizes herself as a true Christian.

Further, Penny is also the author of a book titled Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women. She comes in news for her irresponsible, conservative, and controversial comments and remarks. For example, once Penny said; movies like Frozen send a harmful message about the role of men in society.

Penny Nance Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

How old is Penny Nance? Born to her loving parents in the year 1965, Penny Nance is 56 years old. Nance celebrated her 56th birthday on February 21, 2021. Based on her birthday, Penny’s star sign is Pisces.

She is the daughter of Edward Young and Mona Young. Penny’s father Edward was a pastor for 51 years and he served as a volunteer chaplain for Army National Guard for 30 years and the fire department for 10 years. Sadly he passed away on 30th July 2020. Nance’s family raised her with strong Christian beliefs.

In the picture, Penny Nance’s late father and mother

Penny Young Nance Education

Penny graduated with a degree in journalism from Liberty University located in Lynchburg Virginia in 1989. The university influenced Penny’s spiritual vision and bolstered her academic career. Meanwhile, Penny’s daughter also graduated from the same university.

Penny Nance Career Biography

Penny worked as Legislative Director for five years for Concerned Women for America. She has also worked as a consultant for several nonprofit organizations such as Prison Fellowship Ministries, the Center for Reclaiming America, and the Christian Music Industry. Nance also served as a Capitol Hill Staff of Congressman Pat Swindall (R-Georgia).

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Moreover, Penny was the founder of the Kids First Coalition and worked as President of Nance and Associates and as Special Advisor for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) too. She at one point got appointed as President Trump’s Life Advisory Council. Now, Penny is the CEO and President of CWA.

Recently, Penny was voted as one of the top four most powerful pro-life female voices by the Christian Post. She was also voted as one of the 100 most influential evangelicals in America by Newsmax. Along with that, Penny has also featured in major TV networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, C-SPAN, MSNBC, and CNN.

Penny Nance Husband, Married, children

Is Penny Nance Married? If yes, who is Penny Nance’s husband? These are some of the questions, Penny’s followers have a keen interest in. Well, to answer that, yes, Penny Nance is married.

Penny Nance is married to her husband of 25 years now, William Nance aka Will Nance. Penny and her spouse exchanged their marital vows on February 25, 1996. Together, from their blossoming marital life, they have adult son Briscoe Nance and daughter Claire Nance.

Nance’s daughter Claire also studied strategic communication at Liberty University and she is currently engaged to her boyfriend. Whereas, Briscoe has joined the military with the determination to serve his country.

Pictured together, Penny Nance and her husband William

Meanwhile, talking more of Penny’s husband, Will Nance, he is the son of John Walter Nance III who passed away in 2021. Will was working on the former President HW Bush Advance team when penny met him. Will was born on January 4, 1968, and is 53 years old. This means Penny is 3 years older in age than her husband.

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Moreover. like an ideal loving husband, Will always has been the strength of Penny. In 1997, when she was physically assaulted by a serial predator who also tried to rape her, he has been a pillar of strength for Penny. At the time, Penny was saved by a woman who was a complete stranger to her. The assailant was prisoned and convicted for attempted rape.

Penny Nance Net Worth, Salary 2021

Penny has worked all her life for the service of women and children in the USA. Though she is not a supporter of LGBTQ rights and abortion, she has been a strong speaker for the welfare of women; especially those who are the victim of rape and assault.

She is also the author of the book named Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women. From her career so far Penny has accumulated a fair amount of income and earnings.

As a CEO and president of Concerned Women for America Penny is entitled to an annual of $206,731. And adding up all her earnings to date, Penny Nance’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 Million.

Penny Nance Covid

Penny Nance was considered a super spreader of the coronavirus when she organized a bus tour for boosting Amy Coney Barrett after she has been nominated the judge for the U.S. Supreme Court on Sept. 26 by then President Donald Trump.

At the time of announcing the nomination, the event was held in the Rose Garden of the White House where all the attendees were without the mask and simple protocol to avoid contact was also not followed. When the attendees were tested, several were tested positive.

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Ignoring the fact that the attendees were tested COVID positive, Penny organized a bus tour for Amy which had stops in several states of the USA. Clearly, she was ignoring the protocol mentioned by WHO and endangering people’s life and health. However, after she was criticized by media and people, she came forward with the fact that she was asymptomatic and tested negative at the time when she attended the bus tour.

Penny Nance Social Media

Penny is very active on her Instagram account which has to date 2380 followers. Nance often posts pictures of her husband, son, and daughter. One or two pictures are of her father and mother.

Penny created her Facebook page on August 28, 2007, and has recently posted she will not apologize for supporting Trump.

She often tweets about her CWFA work and events, Penny also likes to tweet her views and her strong Christianity beliefs through her Twitter account which has to date 7,875 Followers.

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Penny Nance

Full Name/Real Name Penny Young Nance
Given Name 21st February 1965
Birthday / Date of Birth 56
Age In her 50s
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Virginia
Ethnicity White
Parents Edward Young and Mona Young
Siblings N/A
Profession President of Concerned Women for America
Education(college/university) Liberty University
Marital status Married
Husband Will Nance
Children Briscoe Nance and Claire Nance
Salary $206,731
Net Worth 2021 $1.5 million



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