Natalie Cole Net Worth

Natalie Cole Net Worth

Natalie Maria Cole was born on 6 February 1950, in Los Angeles California, USA. She was a singer-songwriter and actress who found huge success from the mid-1970s until the 1990s. She was responsible for hit songs like “This Will Be”, “Our Love”, and “Inseparable”. She also released numerous high-selling albums and won multiple awards, responsible for helping raise the net worth she attained.

How rich was Natalie Cole? Sources tell us that her net worth was over $5 million at the time of her passing, most of the wealth she acquired can be attributed to a successful singing career. Even with some ups and downs during her life, she was still able to amass a sizable amount of money.


Natalie Cole Net Worth $5 Million


Natalie was from a family of singers and musicians, most notably his father, who was the legendary crooner Nat King Cole. As a child she met many of the popular singers of her father’s era and was influenced by music ranging from blues, soul, and jazz to rock. She started performing some of the songs he released with her older sister, and her father. Her father died from lung cancer while she was in high school, and she would then go on to University of Massachusetts Amherst to study Child Psychology. She never pursued that profession as she soon found that her love was really for music.

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It was easy for Natalie to find places to perform at due to the legacy left by her father. She was eventually noticed by music producers who helped her start a music career with a recording company. After many rejections, she was offered a contract by Capitol Records, which had also handled the music of her father. She released her debut album entitled “Inseparable” in 1975, and the album won her two Grammy awards, for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best New Artist. The album went on to become a gold success and her net worth would start rising. She released her sophomore album called “Natalie” in 1976, which also went to gold, having influences from funk and jazz. Her next two albums in the following two years, “Unpredictable” and “Thankful” would become platinum hits. She continued to release live albums, collaborations and her next album “I Love You So”, which went to gold too, so her net worth kept rising.

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Natalie’s next two albums were failures, as she battled with the stress of work and at the same time became dependent on drugs, and her performances and songs suffered as a reflection of her dependence. She eventually decided to go to rehab for six months, then returned with the album “Everlasting” which catapulted her back to success and became her first album to become platinum in 10 years. She followed it up with the album, “Good to Be Back”, but her best-selling album came in 1991, called “Unforgettable…With Love” and featured famous songs her father recorded; it was one of the first times technology was used to make it sound like she was singing a duet with him. The album became multi-platinum, selling seven million copies and earning Grammys that included Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Traditional Pop Vocal Performance. She continued to make albums as well as carve an acting career on the side, although mostly cameo appearances in more than 10 films over 20 years.

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By late 2015, Natalie had started cancelling events and it was reported that she had become constantly ill. Indee, she had on-going health issues and had finally passed away on 31 December 2015. Natalie had married three times, firstly to Marvin Yancy(1976-80) with whom she had a son, Robbie, who toured with her. Then to Andre Fischer(1989-95), and thirdly to Kenneth Dupre(2001-04), all from the music industry.

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