Michael Harry O Harris Wiki Bio: Net Worth 2021, Age, Wife, Married, Birthday, Pardon

Michael Harry O Harris Wiki Bio: Net Worth 2021, Age, Wife, Married, Birthday, Pardon

From the notorious drug kingpin to a repentant prisoner, a co-founder of a label record company, and today a free man, Michael Harry O Harris has seen all in his 60 years of life. Micheal is one of the convicts who got pardoned by Donald Trump in his last-minute or presidency.

Snoop Dog was the one who actually advocated for the release of the former drug kingpin. For more than 3 decades, the man spent in prison because of his poverty and his urge to become rich in a short time. However, Michael has put his past behind him and is determined to work for the betterment of youths especially in the Black community where youths are inclined to drug addiction.

Michael Harry O’ Harris Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Michael Harris is 60 years old now. He was born on the 20th of September 1960 in West 46th Street in South Central Los Angeles, in a neighborhood known locally as the Low Bottoms. He was raised by his single mother Regina Harris. Harris’ father left him when he was just 5 years of age. He was a wealthy man and had already 3 other families. Apart from this, Michael never knew much about his father. Not much is known about his siblings though but he has a nephew named Mark.

His mother Regina had two jobs and she didn’t have much time to look after her son but she did what she can to raise him in the right way. Michael’s inclination to music began when he was a young child because of his neighbor Mrs. Payne who was a pianist. He was sent to the local school where he joined the school band playing the trombone and drums.

His mother sent him to West Los Angeles Community college where he takes up the acting classes as well. However, he didn’t finish college as soon he was indulged in drug trafficking. Though his mother was trying hard, the family always had to go empty stomach for days. The poverty and the lured to riches driven Harris to pair up with a Blood set known as the Bounty Hunters. He started selling Cocaine and in the mid-20s he was a millionaire.

Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris Career Biography 

Harris began selling drugs when he was 20 years of age. Soon, he grew a vast network of drug distribution to New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois, supplied by Colombian drug cartels.

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By the age of 26, his organization was already making 2 million dollars per day. Harris and his wife lived in a mansion, drive luxury cars, and Harris even invested his money in various business ventures such as a limousine company, a deli, an electrical contracting business, and a hair salon in Beverly Hills.

He also invested in real estate and various businesses. By the time, he was already an owner of a 20 fleet limousine service, hair salons, an exotic car dealership, and a construction company. But in 1988, it all came crashing down when Harris was arrested and convicted for attempted murder and drug trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.

In 1991, when Harris was still serving his sentence, he met Marion Suge Knight. He was a former college football player and bodyguard who was looking to try his hand in the music industry. Harris then invested $1.5 million to found a record company named Death Row. The record company is better known for launching Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, and Tupac. Soon the company became one of the successful ventures of Harris as it was selling 18 million albums and generating profits of more than 325 million dollars in its first 4 years.

The company established it stood as the powerful symbol of Black power as it helped Snoop Dog to escape from murder charges and also secured Tupac Shakur’s freedom following a sexual assault conviction. But the company couldn’t stand for long especially after the murder of Tupac in 1996 and the leaving of Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. The company was sold to Hasbro (of My Little Pony fame).

Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris Prison, Sentence, Release

Since 1988, Harris was inside prison serving for the charges of attempted murder and drug trafficking. He also got arrested for his association with the members of the Cali Cartel. In 1990, Harris was formally convicted for smuggling, not 1 not 2 but 3 tons of cocaine and so he was sentenced to federal prison.

He was also suspected of attempted murder of his distant relative and employee whom he suspected of embezzling his money. So it is said Harris and his accomplishes took them to the desert and shot them.

In 2011, Harris tasted freedom for a while when he was released on parole. The parole board then decided t end his state sentence. However, Harris had to serve another sentence for drug trafficking till 2028 so he was again taken to federal prison.

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While in prison, he saw, met, and spent time with numerous fellow prisoners who were drug addicts. Seeing them and hearing their stories made Harris sick to his stomach and he realized how he was helping to kill and destroy the life of his own people.

So he decided to reform himself and his fellow brothers. He revived San Quentin News as the Newspaper and became its editor. He also started non-profits geared to help impoverished or struggling youth.

Harris tried numerous times for clemency but he was never given the chance. He tried back during the Obama administration and failed. He also tried during the COVID pandemic stating he is in acute danger f contracting the disease. While his application was pending, he contracted the disease in prison.

However, in 2021 January, thanks to the advocacy of his friend Snoop Dog and many other authorities, Harris was granted a pardon by Donald Trump and so he was released from Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution.

Michael Harry O’ Harris Documentary

After the arrest and sentencing of Harris, a documentary was made titled Welcome to Death Row released in 2001. It was critically acclaimed and portrayed the life of Michael, his journey from a drug mafia to the founder of a record company. The Documentary also portrayed the collapse of the multi-million dollar company with the interviews of real people involved in the company.

Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris Wife, Divorce, Children

Michael was married to Lydia Harris for more than two decades. The name of Lydia Harris may have been forgotten today but she played a major role in establishing and founding the Death Row record label. If it isn’t for Lydia, Harris would not have been successful to open the company.

The couple met in 1985 in a nightclub in Houston. They started seeing each other and Lydia was impressed by Michael and his luxurious lifestyle. While with Michael, Lydia enjoyed fancy cars, expensive dinners, V.I.P. sections. After Harris was imprisoned, Lydia instead of leaving him, married Michael inside Tehachapi Prison, located in California’s Cummings Valley. Ironically, it was the same judge who sentenced Harris who presided the nuptials.

Lydia has mentioned in her book that Michael offered her $100,000 to have his child. It wasn’t necessary because Lydia was in love with the man and so in 1994, during a conjugal visit, Lydasia their daughter was conceived. However, Harris file for divorce when he found out Lydia was making a deal behind his back. The two were separated in 2005. Today, Lydia is residing in Houston where she has opened a soul-food restaurant turned catering company.

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Michael Harry O Harris Net Worth 2021

Michael had played in millions and still is playing in millions. By the age of 25, Michale was a millionaire and his drug organization was earning 2 million dollars per day. His record company Death Row sold 18 million albums and gained more than 325 million dollars profit. Before his arrest, Harris was investing in various business ventures like a limousine company, hair salons, an exotic car dealership, and a construction company.

In 2005, Knight was ordered to pay $107 million to Harris which the couple split after divorce. Michael was also awarded $60 million in punitive damages, $45 million in economic damages, and $2 million in non-economic damages. So basically, Michael is worth millions of dollars today even though most of his properties have been seized by the Federal State.

As of 2021, although the exact figure of Michael’s net worth isn’t made public, Michael Harry O” Harris’ net worth is expected to be around $40 Million plus.

Michael Harry O” Harris Social Media

Michael is not present on any social media platforms except for Facebook. It is not clear if Michael himself has created an account or somebody on his behalf has opened it for him. However, the account exists as Mickael Harry-o Harris (Deathrow Records) with the last posts being in 2015 about the record label company.

Quick Wiki Facts & Info on Michael Harry O” Harris

Full Name/Real Name Michael ‘Harry O’ Harris’
Date of Birth/Birthday 20th of September 1960
Age 60
Birth Sign Virgo
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown West 46th Street in South Central Los Angeles
Ethnicity African American
Parents Regina Harris
Siblings N/A
Profession Businessman
Education(college/university) West Los Angeles Community college
Marital status Divorced
Former wife Lydia Harris
Children Daughter Lydasia
Social Media Facebook
Net worth $40 Million
Hair color Bald
Eye color Black
Height 6 ft 5 inches
Weight 240 pound


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